The rising talent has dropped the third and final single from his forthcoming debut album, Until We Dance, out March 19, 2021.

Andrew Pololos returns to the release radar with his new single ‘All For You’. The new track from the Montreal-based producer features a funky tech-house soundscape and vocals from Naida, and is the final single from his forthcoming album Until We Dance.

‘All For You’ combines several dance music genres such as Afro, Tech and Club house, with Naida’s R&B vocals gracefully complementing the production. Brimming with high energy from start to finish, the track is testament to Pololos’ studio prowess and skillful blend of instrumentals.

The DJ/producer says,

“This naughty number is one I really look forward to playing in my sets. It’s the third and final single before the album is released in March. ‘All For You’ features the luscious vocals of Naida, who crossed over into my world and brought her RnB flair to the bumpy house beat. The track is a swirl of afro house, countless rhythmic melodies, and sexy after-party vibes to maintain the high-energy throughout the track. The sub-bass rumbles underneath the glimmering vocal as the percussion whips back and forth and the Moog synthesizers flow.”

For the past year, Andrew Pololos has been working on his debut album, Until We Dance, with the release of lead singles ‘Running’ and ‘Control’ featuring vocals from Andria Piperni and JT Soul respectively.

As a worldwide DJ, Andrew Pololos has performed at numerous events across countries such as Mexico, Greece, Australia, among others. He holds an established residency for The Yacht Week Worldwide.

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