A Journey Through Stories and Sound

Anticipation was high as Filipino rap icon Gloc-9 unveiled his new album, “Sari-Sari Story,” produced by OPM legend Raymund Marasigan. Recorded in just over six weeks, this 10-track collection showcases Gloc-9’s unparalleled storytelling through music, blending real-life tales and vivid imagination. With staggered drops of tracks, the album’s dynamic release strategy kept fans eagerly anticipating each new piece.

Collaborative Excellence

Working with Raymund Marasigan, Gloc-9 refined his songwriting, producing hauntingly beautiful tracks. The standout focus track, “Tinda Ni Linda,” tells the tale of a man uncovering a dark secret about a girl named Linda, featuring Gloc-9’s signature lyrical depth and narrative skill honed over the years.

Celebrating with the Community

The album’s release was a joyous celebration with an exclusive advanced listening party attended by OPM hip-hop stars like Flow G, Omar Baliw, and others. The event featured a track-by-track listening experience with a 180-degree LED wall and an impeccable sound system, leaving attendees in awe of Gloc-9’s latest work.

Acclaim and Anticipation

The reception to “Sari-Sari Story” has been overwhelmingly positive, praising its innovative storytelling and high production quality. Gloc-9’s ability to weave intricate narratives into his music has set him apart as a master storyteller in the Filipino music scene.

Album Tracklist:

  1. Panulat Mo
  2. Gatas At Asukal
  3. Utang Clan
  4. Puyat
  5. Sagip
  6. Tinda Ni Linda
  7. Tatlong Taon
  8. Alimpungatan
  9. Yakap
  10. Idol featuring G Clown, Ramdiss, and Hero

“Sari-Sari Story” by Gloc-9 is now readily available on all streaming platforms. Dive into the stories and let Gloc-9’s lyrical genius take you on a journey through the vibrant tapestry of Filipino life and imagination.

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