Singaporean, Boston-based artist-producer hongjoin has unveiled his latest album, ‘KOMOREBI.’ This marks a significant milestone in his solo career. Released on May 10th, 2024, ‘KOMOREBI’ is a nine-track project that blends melancholic electric guitars, dreamy synthesizers, and soulful vocals. The album’s title is a Japanese word describing sunlight filtered through the leaves of trees. It is a metaphor for the emotions hongjoin aims to evoke through his music. Listen to the album here.

Concept and Inspiration

Born in Singapore with roots in Taiwan and Japan and now living in Boston, hongjoin draws inspiration from diverse musical influences across Asia and the West. ‘KOMOREBI’ reflects his quest for harmony and positivity in life, inviting listeners to embrace the unknown and open their hearts. The album’s theme centers on accepting the joy of being a dreamer and loving fearlessly.

Inspired by his long-distance relationship, the title track explores themes of second chances and the power of love to guide us through life’s uncertainties. hongjoin explains, “The song is about taking the leap of faith and loving fearlessly because love always prevails. No matter how you try to run from it, the sun’s rays will always leak through forests no matter how dense. Just like how love is always strong enough to put you back in the direction you are meant to be in.”

Musical Journey and Highlights

Listeners can expect an emotional rollercoaster of an album. With tracks ranging from heart-wrenching songs like “My Dream” and “Yesterday” to upbeat anthems such as “Enough For Me” and “Second Gear.” The album showcases hongjoin’s versatility and ability to blend various genres, making it a standout project in his discography.

Recent Performances and Upcoming Shows

hongjoin supported Ricky Montgomery for his concert in Singapore on May 24th, 2024. The artist has also headlined a show on June 9th at the Esplanade Annexe Studio. These performances highlighted his growing presence in the live music scene . Also, his ability to captivate audiences with his live shows.

More About hongjoin

At 22, hongjoin has established himself as a versatile artist with a DIY approach to music production. His previous projects, ‘Petrichor’ (2022) and ‘F(OOL)’ (2023), demonstrate his ability to navigate various genres, from folk to indie-pop, alt-rock, and R&B. As a SPOTIFY RADAR artist since 2023, he records, produces, and mixes all his tracks, creating cinematic soundscapes with intricate production and heartfelt lyrics. His music allows listeners to reminisce about their experiences, always from a place of love.

hongjoin’s live performances have seen him open for notable acts such as Matt Maltese, sundial, and Arden Cho. His recent support for Ricky Montgomery further solidifies his reputation as a compelling live performer.

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