Three Decades of Independent Music, Reimagined 

Hopeless Records is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a special project: a cover series featuring current roster members reinterpreting classic hits from the label’s storied past. The “Hopelessly Devoted to You: 30th Anniversary” series kicks off with The Wonder Years covering Thrice’s “Deadbolt” and Point North tackling Avenged Sevenfold’s “Unholy Confessions.”

An Ode to Legacy and Innovation 

This project highlights the unique connection between the label and its artists, showcasing a blend of old and new. “Recording ‘Deadbolt’ pushed us to places we don’t always go as a band, and it was both a blast and an honor,” shared The Wonder Years. The lineup includes Bayside, PVRIS, Stand Atlantic and more, covering songs from bands like Yellowcard, All Time Low, and The Used.

A Look Back at 30 Years of Hopeless Records 

Founded in 1993, Hopeless Records has evolved alongside the music industry while maintaining its core mission: connecting deeply with fans through emotional and impactful music. From its early days with pop punk and ska bands like Guttermouth and Dillinger Four to fostering modern acts like Neck Deep and Illuminati Hotties, Hopeless Records has been a consistent force in the alternative music scene. The label’s history includes notable success stories such as Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard, New Found Glory, and All Time Low, all of which have achieved Gold and Platinum records under Hopeless.

Tracklist Highlights

  1. The Wonder Years – “Deadbolt” (Thrice)
  2. Point North – “Unholy Confessions” (Avenged Sevenfold)
  3. NOAHFINNCE – “I Miss Having Sex But At Least I Don’t Wanna Die Anymore” (Waterparks)
  4. Pinkshift – “Knead” (Illuminati Hotties)
  5. Bayside – “Aside” (The Weakerthans)
  6. LØLØ – “Vicious Love” (New Found Glory)
  7. Sincere Engineer – “I Hate Myself” (88 Fingers Louie)
  8. TX2 – “Cry” (The Used)
  9. Sweet Pill – “There, There” (The Wonder Years)
  10. Scene Queen – “Best Thing (That Never Happened)” (We Are The In Crowd)
  11. Hey Violet x Jayden Seeley – “Hang You Up” (Yellowcard)
  12. Illuminati Hotties – “December” (Neck Deep)
  13. Fame on Fire – “Dear Maria, Count Me In” (All Time Low)
  14. PVRIS x Stand Atlantic – “Good Mood” (DE’WAYNE)

Join the Celebration 

Take advantage of this chance to experience these iconic songs in a new light, celebrating the rich history and enduring legacy of Hopeless Records. For more information, visit AsiaLive365. #HopelessRecords #AsiaLive365

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