Singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Devin Kennedy has just released his highly anticipated album ‘In My Imagination’. This album explores themes of life’s beauty and tragedy, love, and the stories we tell ourselves. With hundreds of millions of streams and an average of 2 million monthly listeners, Kennedy’s music resonates globally, particularly in Southeast Asia.

The Inspiration Behind ‘In My Imagination’

Kennedy describes the album as a reflection on both dreams and realities. The title track, “In My Imagination,” is a confession about the heart’s tendency to romanticize relationships. “It’s for the romantics who find themselves loving in silence,” Kennedy explains, capturing the essence of longing and the creation of idealized worlds in our minds.

Streaming Success and Regional Impact

Devin Kennedy’s singles such as “Falling For You,” “Annie,” “Eventually,” and “Star Crossed” have received significant support from streaming platforms, securing spots on playlists like Spotify’s New Music Friday across Asia and TikTok’s New Music Alert. His music has also received airplay on top radio stations across Southeast Asia. Kennedy’s strong listener base in countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia highlights his growing influence in the region.

About Devin Kennedy

California-based Devin Kennedy has seen tremendous growth in his career, including a North American tour and a collaboration with Pink Sweat$ on the song “Forget About You.” His music has soundtracked viral moments for celebrities and brands like Charli D’Amelio, LeBron James, and Toyota. Kennedy’s intimate, handcrafted hybrid of pop, alternative, and R&B has endeared him to a global audience, with plans to release more new music and make his live debut worldwide in 2024.

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Connect with Devin Kennedy

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