Kitchen recording and music talk with Irish indie rock band Kodaline.

Kodaline tells us about their recent single ‘Wherever You Are’, song-writing in the kitchen and what to expect at their festival set next month.

Last in the region last March for their Politics Of Living Tour, Kodaline have certainly been up to more music-making in their “kitchen studio”, and fans will be happy to know that tour announcements are also in the works!
The band recently released their single ‘Wherever You Are’ on January 10th, 2020, and it definitely looks like more stuff are on their way!
Ahead of their set at Maya Music Festival in Thailand next month, we had the chance to ask the Irish band about their music, future plans and what they’ve been up to since their last visit to the region.

ASL365: Hi Kodaline,

Vanessa here from AsiaLive365. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

ASL365: ‘Politics Of Living’ has been an amazing album and we really enjoyed your tour to the region last year. What have you guys been up to since then, and can we expect a fourth album or new EP anytime soon?

Kodaline: We’ve spent most of last year in the studio. Whenever we weren’t on tour we were making music. We almost have an album finished and plenty of new music. It’s been great to have so much time to work on new songs, we’re very excited. Expect a lot of music in the next year.

ASL365: We are very excited about your upcoming set on 1 February at Maya Music Festival at Pattaya, Thailand. What can fans expect to hear from you on Saturday?

Kodaline: Our show in Bangkok last year was one of my favourite shows we’ve ever done. We had no idea there was that many Kodaline fans in Thailand. It was really overwhelming. We’re going to bring a lot of energy and some new elements to the show that we didn’t have last time. Expect a lot of energy and huge sing-along moments 🙂
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ASL365: We are definitely excited about ‘Wherever You Are’. Tell us more about the conceptualisation of this song. For instance; Was it also written in a kitchen in Donabate?

Kodaline: You’re absolutely right, it was done in the kitchen of our studio in Donabate. Steve wrote the song about being away from his girlfriend a lot of the time. The rest of us instantly connected with the song because we’re in the same situation. The song is about always being with the one you love, even if you’re not physically in the same room.

ASL365: Do you guys tend to write a lot of songs in the kitchen? What are the acoustics like in there?

Kodaline: Haha, good question. We spent so much time in studios in recent years that we had enough of them. The kitchen didn’t exactly sound amazing, or look amazing, but it had a certain charm to it that we felt drawn to. For some reason we became incredibly inspired in that space. It’s also very handy when you want to make a cup of tea, there’s always a kettle at arms length

ASL365: The concept design/illustration of ‘Wherever You Are’ shows half of a torn piece of paper. Is there “the other half” of this piece of paper? Another song perhaps?

Kodaline: That’s a very intriguing observation. It’s prob too soon to answer that question but let’s just go with maybe for now 😉

ASL365: Any shoutout to the Kodaliners in Asia and if we can look forward to seeing you guys in a tour in the coming year?

Kodaline: Thank you to all the Kodaline fans in Asia, it’s becoming our favourite place to tour. The crowds are mental and packed full of energy. It inspires us to create and of course there’ll be some tour announcements for Asia very soon.
Thanks for listening to our little Irish band and giving us a reason to make music. We love you.

ASL365: Thank you guys! We look forward to seeing you really soon! 

The official video of Wherever You Are will be released today, 15 January 2020





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