NERIAH has just released her highly anticipated single “First Time.”. A new track after the deluxe edition re-release of her debut album ‘Cause of Death’. The new song is a change of pace – an 80’s-inspired synth-pop track. It embodies the feeling of falling in love, reminiscing those unforgettable moments that make your heart race. “First Time” reflects on the the innocence, excitement, and vulnerability that accompany a first love, highlighting how those feelings are unique and unforgettable. 

Exploring the Emotional Depth of the New Single

“First Time” by NERIAH is a reflective song that illustrates and pours into the emotions and experiences of falling in love for the first time. NERIAH’s lyrics express the intensity and purity of these emotions, while also touching on the bittersweet nature of looking back at that time. The song resonates with listeners who can relate to the nostalgia and profound impact of their own first love experiences.

Building Anticipation for the New Album

Fans will be excited for NERIAH’s “Lover GIrl Phase” and the new album would also be expected to have the same tone.

Recognized as one of People’s Magazine’s “Emerging Artists to Watch,” NERIAH’s fan base has significantly grown, particularly in Southeast Asia. Her Instagram following includes notable numbers from Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Stream her new single here: Promise Ring

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