Thai indie duo Death of a Salesman shares comeback single ‘Steal’

After a 20-year-long hiatus, veteran Thai indie group Death of a Salesman are back with a new single and music video, ‘Steal’.

Death of a Salesman’s highly-anticipated single, ‘Steal’, premiered on their YouTube channel on Thursday, May 27 at 6pm ICT.

The track’s music video, which deals with their separation for the past 20 years, features a young cowboy (as an outdated set of ideas) throwing lasso at a young girl (as a contemporary set of ideas), who is fighting for her freedom.

Members Chaturavidh “Krachai” Chattalada and Prinn Amornsupasiri reveals their inspiration behind this song,

“After watching this news about a girl demanding answers from the former president Donald Trump, regarding his responsibility for global warming last year. Many people were rooting for her and dubbing her “The girl who fights climate change”. Meanwhile, a group of people were disagreeing with her movement and believing that this matter has nothing to do with teenagers. It got us thinking that apart from this hot topic on global warming, what are other things that create conflict between younger and older generations. Of course the latter one would say that they have been there and done that, so don’t even get them started.”

Death of Salesman first gained recognition in 2002 with their debut single, ‘Spin’. The song was featured in Thai indie label Smallroom’s compilation album Smallroom 002 – Songs from the Audience.

Afterwards, they released their critically-acclaimed self-titled debut album, considered by many to be a highly influential record within the Thai indie music scene.

In 2004, they released their final single, ‘Sukjai’, for the compilation album Smallroom 004 – Viewed & Crub. The song is a tribute to the 90’s Thai alt-rock group Crub.

Since then, prior to their 2021 comeback, they have done a handful of live performances.

Their latest single, ‘Steal’, was first announced at the end of April, in which the veteran Thai indie duo shared their 2002 eponymous debut album across every streaming platform for the first time.





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