The special YouTube programme features exclusive live concert performances of popular artists in Japan and will run from Apr 29 – May 6.

YouTube Japan have kicked off their special edition of YouTube Music Week titled ‘YouTube Music Week: STAY HOME #WITHME’. The special programme was launched as an effort to encourage Japanese citizens to stay at home during Golden Week, which is a series of national holidays that takes place from April 29 to May 6.

YouTube Japan Music Week

During these eight days, J-music lovers can livestream exclusive live concert footage and performances of 49 collaborating artists from Japan.

Some of the content will be available for viewing on YouTube Japan’s playlist as well as on each artist’s official channel. However, some content will only be available to view on the time it premiers, so it might be a good idea to check what time your favourite artists will be performing.

At the time of writing, viewers can currently re-watch performances by Daichi Miura, moumoon, Ayaka, and m-flo from the playlist. The next scheduled concert (and the first for today at the time of publishing) up for livestreaming is an exclusive edit of the maid cafe-themed rock band BAND-MAID’s WORLD DOMINATION TOUR concert at Line Cube Shibuya.

The concert, which will be unavailable after the livestream ends, is embedded below.

Other artists scheduled to perform later today include koresawa, Aya Uchida, jazz rock duo EGO-WRAPPIN’, pop rock group Zard, Maki Ohguro, and Mai Kuraki.

All performances for today are embedded below for convenience.

[UPDATE: May 4, 4.30pm]: We’ve added more performances scheduled to premiere this week.

To keep updated on the schedule, be sure to head on over to YouTube Japan’s Twitter page as well as their YouTube channel’s playlist.


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