Alan Walker Drops Fan Reaction and Lyric Video for ‘Heading Home’

Alan Walker’s popular single, ‘Heading Home’, receives lyric video featuring fan reactions taken from the song’s live stream debut.

Norwegian DJ/producer Alan Walker have released a second video for his popular single ‘Heading Home’ today. Following the release of the song’s music video last week, the video features the Walker fan base reacting to the track during a live stream Walker had hosted.

In the video, Walker explains through text, “We can all stay connected even though we’re apart. So I livestreamed with my fans and shared my brand new song, ‘Heading Home’ with them.”

Throughout the video, fans can be seen smiling, laughing, and dancing as they listen to the track for the first time.

A fan favourite among the Walker fan base, the popular single first made its premiere as a demo in 2016. Featuring Norwegian singer Ruben on vocals, the song had only been performed during live shows until it was finally released last week on April 1. The commercial release features a different drop compared to the demo.

Watch the fan reaction video below.

Listen to both versions of ‘Heading Home’ on Spotify here:





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