Alan Walker & Kylie Cantrall

Alan Walker & Kylie Cantrall Team Up for “Unsure”: TikTok Duet Sparks Summer Anthem


The magic of the internet strikes again! Alan Walker, a global dance music phenomenon, joins forces with rising star Kylie Cantrall for his latest summer anthem, “Unsure.” But this story goes beyond a catchy beat—it’s about the power of collaboration and the rise of talented creators.

From Social Media to Summer Hit: The Birth of “Unsure”

The story of “Unsure” is a testament to the digital age. It all began when Alan Walker, who burst onto the scene with his massive hit “Faded” and has since collaborated with artists like Sia and Coldplay, discovered the immense talent of a TikTok user named Jex Jordyn. Jex’s unique melody sparked inspiration, and “Unsure” began to take shape. This discovery highlights the strength of online communities and the beautiful possibilities that arise when talented creators connect.

Dreamy Soundscape Meets Soaring Vocals: A Collab Made in Music Heaven

Unsure” transcends the boundaries of a typical dance-pop song. It’s a dreamy soundscape,  perfectly complemented by the captivating vocals of Kylie Cantrall. Kylie’s not just a rising star; this talented singer, songwriter, and actress has already made waves with her work on Disney Channel and her upcoming lead role in the highly anticipated “Descendants: The Rise of Red.” The result of this powerful duo? A euphoric anthem that’s guaranteed to be on repeat all summer long.

More Than Just a Song: Remix Competition and Walkerworld Tour

The excitement surrounding “Unsure” extends beyond the music itself. Alan Walker is hosting a remix competition, offering aspiring producers a chance to showcase their skills and win a brand-new PC.

“Throughout my career, I’ve been inspired by talented creators online,” says Alan. “The entire process with ‘Unsure’ has been an incredibly inspiring journey. I hope you feel the same.”

“Unsure” is just the beginning. Alan Walker is gearing up for his highly anticipated “Walkerworld Asia Tour Pt. 1,” bringing the party to Jakarta, Singapore, Macau, and Kuala Lumpur. Get ready to experience your favorite Alan Walker tracks alongside “Unsure” live!

Whether you’re a longtime Alan Walker & Kylie Cantrall fan or a new convert thanks to TikTok, “Unsure” is guaranteed to get your head bopping and your heart soaring. Check it out, as it was released on May 2nd, 2024! And for all your artist information, concert and festival needs across Asia, keep an eye on Asia Live 365! We’ll update you on the latest events, hottest acts, and must-see experiences. 





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