Alex Izenberg’s third studio album, I’m Not Here, is out on May 20. The singer-songwriter also shared the music video for ‘Egyptian Cadillac’ starring Twin Peaks’  Ray Wise.

Alex Izenberg’s latet single is described as “an upbeat, palyful romp featuring woodwinds and a wailing guitar.”

He says,

“I’m getting closer to making the unconscious conscious with this song and the others. It is difficult to just write when you are constantly bombarded with what is right or wrong, I’ve started looking within more so than before.”

Much like the musician’s 2016 debut Harlequin, and 2020’s follow-up Caravan Chateau, the album takes inspiration from his favorite artists from the 70’s including Harry Nilsson, John Lennon, Randy Newman, and Lou Reed.

Izenberg also looked to theologian Alan Watts who spoke of life as a drama, and implements heavy topics such heartbreak, confusion, and grief.

I’m Not Here, Alex Izenberg’ third studio comes out May 20.

Photo credit: Giraffe Studios