In the ever-evolving world of pop music, few groups have impacted as swiftly and decisively as BINI. This powerhouse Filipino girl group, formed through ABS-CBN’s Star Hunt Academy, has quickly risen to prominence with its infectious energy, impeccable style, and undeniable talent. This month, we spotlight BINI, diving into their journey, music, and the remarkable influence they wield in the P-pop scene.


From the moment they stepped into the spotlight, BINI has captured hearts with its powerful blend of talent, passion, and authenticity. Their journey is not just about climbing the charts but about connecting deeply with fans who see their struggles and dreams reflected in the group’s music and story. Each performance is a reminder of the beauty of perseverance and the magic that happens when dreams are pursued with relentless dedication. For many, BINI is a beacon of hope and inspiration, showing that anything is possible with hard work and unity. 

The Genesis of BINI

BINI’s story begins in 2018 with the rigorous training programs of Star Hunt Academy, where the members underwent extensive singing, dancing, and performance preparation. Their hard work and dedication culminated in their official debut on June 11, 2021, with the single “Born to Win.” This debut track was not just a song but a declaration of their arrival in the P-pop world, marking the beginning of an exciting journey.

The Magnificent Eight: Meet the Members

BINI is composed of eight talented young women, each bringing their unique flair to the group:

  • Aiah (Maraiah Queen Arceta): One of the main rappers and the eldest member
  • Colet (Ma. Nicolette Vergara): The main vocal, lead dancer and rapper
  • Maloi (Mary Loi Ricalde): Another main vocal of the group
  • Gwen (Gweneth Apuli): Another lead vocal and rapper
  • Stacey (Stacey Sevilleja): Another main rapper and lead dancer
  • Mikha (Mikhaela Janna Lim): Another main rapper, lead dancer and visual
  • Sheena (Sheena Catacutan): Another main dancer and the youngest of the group
  • Jhoanna (Jhoanna Robles): The leader, lead vocal, and lead rapper

Music and Style

BINI’s music is a refreshing blend of pop, EDM, and dance-pop, characterized by high-energy beats and catchy melodies. Their debut single, “Born to Win,” set the tone with its empowering message and dynamic choreography. Following this, tracks like “Golden Arrow” and “Kapit Lang” have continued to showcase their versatility and growth as artists. Their latest EP, Talaarawan (Diary in English), has put out hit after hit with “Pantropiko” and now “Salamin, Salamin” (Mirror, Mirror).

Their vibrant and dynamic style often features elaborate dance routines and visually stunning music videos. BINI’s performances are not just about music but about creating an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Discography Highlights

  • Born to Win: The debut single that started it all, embodying themes of empowerment and resilience.
  • Golden Arrow: A follow-up hit that established their place in the P-pop scene.
  • Kapit Lang: A motivational track that resonates with many for its uplifting message.
  • Pantropiko: The feel-good hit of the summer for BLOOMs.

Achievements and Impact

Since its debut, BINI has garnered a significant following in the Philippines and internationally. Their music videos have amassed millions of views on YouTube, and their social media presence continues to grow, with a dedicated fanbase known as “BLOOMs.” They have topped charts and performed at major events, showcasing their talent and solidifying their status in the music industry.

BINI’s influence extends beyond music. They are part of a broader movement bringing Filipino music and culture to a global audience. Their success has opened doors for more P-pop groups, contributing to the genre’s rising popularity worldwide.

Social Media and Online Presence

BINI actively engages with their fans through various social media platforms:

Instagram: @bini_ph

Twitter: @BINI_ph

YouTube: BINI Official

Facebook: BINI

Through these channels, they share updates and behind-the-scenes content and interact with their audience, fostering a strong and vibrant community of fans.


BINI’s journey is a testament to the power of hard work, talent, and the ability to connect with audiences profoundly. Their story inspires aspiring artists as they rise and make waves in the music scene. And for all your artist information, concert and festival needs across Asia, keep an eye on Asia Live 365! We’ll update you on the latest events, hottest acts, and must-see experiences.