Brielle Kaga has released a new EP ‘Things I Wished I’d Said’

The 26-year-old Singapore-born singer-songwriter, who made her pop debut in early 2020, has just released her debut EP Things I Wished I’d Said.

With a passion for putting her 101 million thoughts and feelings into paper, Brielle has been writing songs since she was 13.

Her songs are honest and raw when stripped down – the kind that you can just play with a piano in a living room. 

Chocked full of big emotions and personal stories waiting to be told, Brielle hopes to take listeners on a journey and connect with them through the ups and downs of life – from dealing with fear, love, acceptance and more.

Her introspective EP, a four-track body of work is no different and includes previously released electronic-pop singles ‘Friends’ and ‘California’ as well as two new songs ‘Slow Down’ and ‘Move On’.

Flowing melodies over shimmering beats would remind you of Gryffin, Kygo and The Chainsmokers. At the same time, her deeply personal and emotionally charged songs would make you think of singer-songwriters like Gabrielle Aplin, Halsey and Michelle Branch. 

Throughout the EP, Brielle’s sweet crystalline voice shines as she sings vulnerably about love, loss and everything in-between. 

Beginning with ‘Friends’, Brielle sets the tone for the EP. The dance-ready and highly relatable song pulls you in immediately as she sings about having feelings for a friend but is terrified to confront it. 

‘California’, her second song and also her most popular song to date is a catchy and charismatic song about looking back at good times and what it was like to have one of those fun and carefree summer days in the sun.

In the third song ‘Slow Down’, Brielle sings about the intense spark felt by two new lovers. Dazzling vocal chops over melancholic chords can be heard in the future bass song. 

The last song in the EP, ‘Move On’ is a heartbreaking, soul-baring ballad about accepting the need to move on from the past. 

Says Brielle,

“This EP has been a long time in the making and it was inspired by events that happened in my early 20s and teens. I hope that my songs speak to you personally and can be some sort of assistance or comfort in whatever emotional process you might be going through.” 





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