Indie electronica collective Close To Monday’s title track ‘Time’ from their latest album, Interference, gets the remix treatment by tech-house producer Dirty Doering.

Synthpop band Close To Monday’s ‘Time’, the opener from their latest album Interference, receives its second remix by tech-house producer and Katermukke music label founder Dirty Doering.

The remix continues the band’s foray into electronic music, following the earlier melodic tech-house rework by Ron Flatter.

The band comments on the remix,

“The original track TIME was born in Rome, known as the ‘Eternal City’. The walls and streets have witnessed so many events that this city can actually be associated with eternity, with the inevitable but constant passage of time. Time often scares people, especially those who do not know what to do with it. Time is not our enemy, but our ally. And Dirty Doering caught and absolutely accurately conveyed our attitude to time! Life is not the number of hours allotted to us. But life is an endless stream of impressions and feelings! Which, by the way, we tried to convey in the artwork of our remix!”

Close To Monday also drew a futuristic cover artwork to complement the track. They said,

“As you can see, this is an absolutely futuristic artwork made in the modern
style of fractal geometry. The magic wings of a butterfly in space symbolize for us the infinity of life as an endless stream of impressions and feelings of each person.”

The original version of ‘Time’ offers a journey of introspection for the listener, an emotive downtempo cut which highlights the band’s love for synthwork.

The track is taken from their 2021 album, Interference, which charted in the top-10 Deutsche Alternative Charts for eight weeks in a row.

Their track, ‘Step By Step’, charted at #1 in both France’s LRDR Radio and Germany’s  Klangwald Radio charts.

Their music video for ‘Guns’ won awards for Best Dance Music Video at the International Music Video Awards in Rome and London.

First formed in 2019 by founding member Alex as a one-man project, Close To Monday released two instrumental-heavy albums, 2019’s Perfect Music To Watch Colour Dreams and 2020’s Satisfaction.

The band recruited vocalist Any last year, debuting with Interference earlier this April.

Listen to their latest album via Spotify below.

Also check out the Ron Flatter remix for ‘Time’.