Don’t miss out on the chance to experience Wonderfruit 2023! Tickets go on sale for a limited time only, from 14-17 June at 6pm BKK (GMT +7). Get your tickets today and be part of this amazing festival!

Wonderfruit will also be limiting the number of attendees this year in order to deliver the Wonderfruit experience as it is intended to be and ensure the well- being of Wonderers. There will be only one ticket type available in the sale: a Full Pass
for ~USD 260 (THB 8,900) with a limit of up to four (4) tickets per purchase. Tickets will be available for purchase on Ticketmelon.
There will also be various installment plans and ticket insurance offering as well.

This year, Wonderfruit will no longer offer Sunday passes. There will be a limited Weekend and Teen passes offering later in July. At-Door tickets will be available for ~USD 600 (THB 20,300) should there still be capacity on live dates. In addition, there will be a Wonder Market to promote safe ticket reselling and transferring. Unofficial or tickets resold outside of the Wonder Market will not be honored.

Here is a recap of Wonderfruit 2022

Find a detailed guide to getting tickets to Wonderfruit 2023 here and the long version around why tickets are capped this year here. Keep an eye on Wonderfruit’s website and social media outlets for updates and additional information.

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