Exclusive Interview with Sub Sonik.

Sub Sonik talks on Kings Never Die, Dirty Workz, experimenting with Hardstyle music, upcoming collaboration and more

ASL365: Tell us more about this album, is there a story or theme behind it?

SS: Kings Never Die is a reflection of how I felt the last year. A rollercoaster of emotions and good and bad events. The title Kings Never Die is inspired by the quote: Gone but not forgotten. If I will ever go, this will be my legacy.

ASL365: How long did it take to complete the album? Anyone you would like to talk about or thanks to for helping you with this album.

SS: The production process took over 1 year. The idea for an album I had for almost 2 years. First I started to write down what I wanted to say with the album, and then started writing the songs. I want to thank everyone who supported me in the past few years. And I also want to thank everyone who worked on the album.

ASL365: What lead you to experiment with Hardstyle music? Were you previously intrigued by any genre?

SS: When I was young I listened to quite a lot of different styles. But when I got in touch with Hardstyle, I just fell in love.

ASL365: Why did you decide to join Dirty Workz? And how has the label been helping in your career?

SS: In my opinion Dirty Workz is the biggest hardstyle label in the world. I have a good connection with the Dirty Workz crew and I hope they feel the same. I have daily contact about music and how to promote my music. I’m really happy how we put out the album.

ASL365: What has been your favorite part of your musical career?

SS: Right now! I’m part of one of the biggest hardstyle labels, just released a brand new album and doing a lot of cool shows. So, I couldn’t be happier!

ASL365: How to prepare a demo and making it stand out to the hundreds of songs send to a label daily?

SS: First of all try to make a track which stands out. Be creative and work on your own sound so that it becomes unique. Don’t be the next (fill in a big artist) but be the next (fill in your DJ name). It’s always good to add a motivation and plan what you want to achieve.

ASL365: What’s seems to be the most common distraction being a DJs and how do you control that?

SS: Social media.. If you check social media you see a lot of other DJ’s performing on the big stages and doing cool stuff. But I taught myself: keep working hard, your time will come.

ASL365: At the moment, Who do you think is the most underrated DJ ?

SS: KSHMR, his show and productions are insane, and I just love what he does.

ASL365: Anyone, in particular, you’d like to collaborate with?

SS: I would love to work with Khalid, I love his voice! And I really enjoyed the track he did with Marshmello a few years back.

ASL365: DJs often talk about giving 101% for each show. What is your 101% means?

SS: Performing like it’s your last gig in your life. Give all your energy and make it a special one. People come to an event for you, so it’s important to show them that you love what you do.

ASL365: Name a Gig that changes your life.

SS: My first time Supremacy, It was my first time live and the first time for such a big crowd. I still get goosebumps when I think about it.

ASL365: What are the plans for the rest of 2020?

SS: After the album I’m gonna do an album tour, so a lot of shows are coming up this summer and even at the end of the year.
Production wise I’m gonna take a little break, but already talked about some cool collaborations.





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