ASEAN Music Festival: bond with Beats Beyond Borders

Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs invites you to celebrate the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in ASEAN Music Festival, set to take place this January 29-31, 2016 at Benchasiri Park, Bangkok.

Under the concept “Switch On ASEAN: Beats Beyond Borders”, the first-ever edition of the festival marks the united and zestful spirit of ASEAN, incorporating music and diverse contemporary cultures as the binding ties of the 10 countries in the community.

Popular artists from all 10 ASEAN countries are lining up to perform, including Portia Rana and the Philippines Connection, Indonesia’s jazz soloist Rio Sidik, Laos’ it girl Alexandra Bounxouei, Thailand’s Room 39 and legendary duo Byrde and Heart, and Vietnam Idol Award victor Trong Hieu.

ASEAN Music Festival
Room 39/©MCOT

There will also be temporary ethnic performances such as “Norah’s Dream” by Todd and “Beauty of Myanmar” by Ah Moon.

Both local and international music lovers can enter the grand event for free every day from 5PM onwards.

ASEAN Music Festival - 1st
©Department of ASEAN Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Thailand

For more information and a chance to win special giveaways, head to the festival’s official Facebook page.





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