Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine played a moving private session for a fan at Hospice Austin’s Christopher House, Texas on Saturday (May 21).

In the middle of their US tour, Florence Welch and her guitarist Robert Ackroyd made an impromptu visit to the Texan hospice and arranged an acoustic gig for 15-year-old Karinya Chen, a fan and Paraganglioma patient who is too sick to go to their show on Thursday (May 19).

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At Karinya’s request, the British songstress belted out the band’s biggest hits “Dog Days Are Over” and “Shake It Off” at her bedside. Watch the heart-warming moments captured by Karinya’s mother, Catherine, below but consider yourself warned: “Shake It Off” will hit you right it the feels.

“Dog Days Are Over”

“Shake It Off”

Catherine expressed on Instagram, “@florence Of #florenceandthemachine Is not only an awesome artist but an even more amazing human being!! She made my sweet pea so happy today.”

“[She] is such a beautiful and kind soul!! She brought so much joy to all of us today. What a Blessing!!”

This visit from her favourite band has certainly lifted Karinya’s spirits up to an immense degree. What a beautiful thing. Remember, Karinya, it’s always darkest before the dawn!

Florence & Me @florence

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