Frances Forever announces ‘Paranoia Party’ EP

Following the release of their TikTok viral hit ‘space girl’, Frances Forever returns with a new single and title track of their upcoming EP, ‘paranoia party’.

Frances Garrett aka Frances Forever’s paranoia party EP is slated to be the artist’s debut album for Mom+Pop Records. The newly released title track follows ‘space girl’, a hit that has over 80 million streams worldwide.

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From the doo-wop glaze of opener “depression” to the horn-flecked indietronica of “daytime,” ‘paranoia party’ carves its identity from stopovers in darker, braver territory as Garrett spills their guts about fumbling their own power.

Coinciding with the release, the Boston-based singer-songwriter has shared the music video of the track as well as pre-orders for new merch. Profits made will go to The Ally Coalition.


Speaking on the title track, Garrett states,

“I wrote the song after actually going to a party and realizing I didn’t know anyone there and I just didn’t feel like myself. It was just like strangers all around me. That’s why [I wrote] the line ‘my minds going 50, my body’s going heavy’ – feeling like I can’t move and my mind’s racing, just a sense of anxiety surrounding that. Then you’re in a room surrounded by strangers and all the weird unfamiliar smells and disassociating a lot. This EP is all about feeling alone in a crowded room,” Garrett continues. “I’m hoping that listening to these songs will help you realize that everyone in that crowd feels the same way. Let’s share our troubles, softie sophomores.”

Frances Forever’s previous single, ‘Space Girl’, became a viral hit for the indie pop artist, gaining over 54 million streams globally, and 550 million video views and over 550,000 videos created on TikTok.

They have been featured in lists as one of the artists to look out for this year, being featured in publications such as Rolling Stone, SPIN, Amazon Music, GQ UK, and Uproxx. Pigeons & Planes listed them as one of the best new artists.

Cover photo by: Lani Parrilla





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