HONNE have released their first new track in two years!

English electronic-soul duo HONNE have released their first new track in two years. The song entitled ‘no song without you’ is an upbeat and smoozy beat in one, dressed in luscious vibes and purple hues.

Said the duo (Andy Clutterbuck and James Hatcherof) their new song:

“After a lot of deliberation, we have decided to release ‘no song without you’ this friday. we’re so excited to share it with you. It still feels like a weird time to be releasing and talking about our new music. there are far more important, world altering things going on. but whilst we’re sharing our music, we’ll still be by your side, trying to bring change and fight racism. lots of love, J & A.”

Listen to the new song here:

The duo, who were last in Singapore in November for Neon Lights 2019, are also inviting fans to join them for an online chat prior to the music video release today (June 12) at 1pm (British Summer Time).

Calculating the time difference, this would make it between 7pm-9pm across most parts of Asia.


Listen to an acoustic snippet of the song here on TikTok!

Catch the music video here:

You may also listen to more of HONNE’s magic below:





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