Beneath the signature ambient sounds of indie folk-pop duo The Light The Heat comes their recently released EP Afterlight, an iridescent record with calming vibes and a happy disposition to its colour.

The EP, a collaborative effort with singer-songwriter Roary, intertwines the duo’s soundscape with its uplifting vocals and glistening synths and strings that shine through like a soaring beacon of hope and positivity.

We spoke to Nathan Horst and Jesse Proctor to ask them more about the colours and moods that make their music, how it began and what went on behind their anthemic collaboration with Roary.

AsiaLive365: Hi The Light The Heat, Vanessa here from AsiaLive365. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Congratulations on the release of the new EP ‘Afterlight’. We love the calming and incandescent  indie vibes that it gives us. Was this EP inspired by anyone, or any moment in particular?

The Light The Heat: It was largely inspired by a season of self reflection in the midst of the pandemic. Reflecting on how to be healthy and whole for ourselves and the world around us

AL365: Sonically, how would you describe the ambient structure of this EP?

The Light The Heat: The EP is like a polished, natural material. Something like tumbled petrified wood.  It has the roots of something raw but processed.

AL365: How about the colour? What colour do you see it to be? 

The Light The Heat: Translucent blue resin.

AL365: There is such an iridescent positivity in the sounds behind the title track Afterlight. Were these the emotions that you hope to evoke in listeners when they listen to your EP? 

The Light The Heat: This EP was largely inspired by 2020 and the need for hope and light.  Now more than ever before people are looking for solace during these unprecedented times. It’s an encouragement to move forward and stay positive in the midst of so much ambiguity.

AL365: Your previous record was your debut album Wide Awake, released a year ago. What was the creative process behind that album like and how does its message differ from the current new EP?

The Light The Heat: Wide Awake was written over 3 years. We pulled together songs from many previously released singles and EPs. Some tracks we recorded in person and some remotely. Most commonly Nathan wrote the bones of the melody and lyric and then Jesse dressed the track with instrumentation. We both worked to finish the melody, lyric and production. I think the message hasn’t changed but the Wide Awake LP contains more love songs.

AL365: What was it like working with Roary for this EP, and do you hope to work with anyone else for future projects?

The Light The Heat: The Waking Up EP began as a single. Dustin and Nathan started working on a concept for the song Afterlight. The chemistry was good so we kept writing and extended the project to an EP. Roary brought out a bigness in our sound and we so appreciated his detailed approach to production.  We value collaboration and it feels essential to our growth and progression.  We will definitely work with others in the future but no plans or particulars at this point.

AL365: Tell us more about yourselves. How did you meet and form an indie pop duo? Why the name The Light the Heat?

The Light The Heat: We formed The Light The Heat in 2014 as an instrumental licensing band. Our vibe was largely influenced by artists such as Sigur Ros, Bon Iver, and Peter Gabriel. “The light the heat” is part of a lyric in Gabriel’s song ‘In your Eyes’. We put out 2 EP’s on MusicBed strictly for licensing. We then released ‘Silhouettes’ in 2017. This 6 song EP shifted our overall direction from strictly music for film to music for the general market.

AL365: What songs or artists did you listen to when you were younger, and do you feel their music inspiring your own?

The Light The Heat: Coldplay, Fleet Foxes, Paul Simon

AL365: Of all the songs that you’ve ever released, which one remains a personal favourite for you? Either through its message, lyrics or just how it sounds.

The Light The Heat: ‘Brighter Days’.  I think this one checks all the boxes. The message is positive yet sincere. We made this track near the beginning of our partnership as a duo. I think we were both in a pretty uninhibited, creative space and weren’t overthinking anything. The imperfections are there, and also the magic.

AL365: Are there any parting words of wisdom or positivity that you would like to say or impart  to your fans out there?

The Light The Heat: Here’s a quote that I love:

“We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one” – Confucius

AL365: Thanks again! We really love the new EP. It has really brought a smile to our faces and a light to our hearts.

Listen to more of The Light The Heat below.