Vocalist-songwriter Jordan Rakei returns with his fourth studio album, What We Call Life, set for release on September 17 via Ninja Tune. The artist also shares lead single, ‘Family’.

Jordan Rakei’s upcoming album, What We Call Life, will see the artist merge electronic and acoustic sounds as well as explore the use of therapy for self-discovery to create a texturally rich record.

Having addressed his irrational fear of birds, a fear that is associated with the unpredictable and unknown, he comments,

“As we worked through it, it made me realise I would love to talk about the different lessons I learned from therapy in my music: about my early childhood, my relationship with my parents and siblings, becoming independent in London, being in a new marriage, understanding how my marriage compares to the relationship my parents had.”

The singer has also shared the album’s lead single, ‘Family’, which explores said themes of self-discovery.

He explains,

 “I wanted to hit my vulnerability barrier and be really honest. It’s about my parents’ divorce in my mid-teens but still having love for them no matter what.”

The album artwork, designed by Justin Tyler Close, is something that resonates with Rakei’s long-time question of:  Is this what we call life? The title is a commentary on the more happy, confident, and assured person and artist that he is today.

2019 sees the artist release his third studio album, Origin, which raised big questions about the way technology and social media interferes with our sense of humanity. The album received acclaim from The Observer, Mixmag, Complex, and GQ.

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Photo credit: Joseph Bishop