Lacuna Coil set to rock Singapore in March!

The Italian alternative metal band will perform at the Esplanade Annexe Studio on 27 March 2020 as part of LAMC Productions’ Singapore Rockfest II – The Afterparty!

Formed in 1994, Lacuna Coil quickly became one of Century Media’s biggest selling bands.
From Comalies (2002) and Karmacode (2004) to Shallow Life (2009) and Broken Crown Halo (2014), the high-flying Italian act demonstrated an uncanny ability to pull in rock, gothic, and metal audiences.
The band’s spirited and lauded live performances have also earned them a solid reputation for a band that not only delivers night in/night out, but also a band whose stage performance reverberates long after the show is over. Indeed, Lacuna Coil’s heartfelt, heavy, melodic, and rhythmic metal—a hybrid of gothic, groove, and alternative—has created a rabid worldwide following. Whether it’s “Our Truth” and “Delirium” or “Nothing Stands in Our Way” and “Trip the Darkness,” Lacuna Coil’s dual-vocalist assault is immediately identifiable. New album, Black Anima, continues the Italian’s reign atop the metal stack.
We’ve been very busy. We’ve played a lot of live shows between Delirium and Black Anima. We published our book, a chronicle of the Lacuna Coil story. And we crossed paths with our 20th Anniversary, which resulted in a quick switch from the Delirium album cycle to the 20th Anniversary one. We had a big change in our look. Our show changed a lot. We had special effects and artists performing on stage with us. That became The 119 Show, actually.
– Lacuna Coil’s vocalist Cristina Scabbia 
Written together with longtime Lacuna Coil band producer (and bassist) Marco Coti-Zelati over the course of the last few years, Black Anima, is the culmination of many inputs. From images and words to soundtracks and movies, Coti-Zelati hunts for and creates new expressions of heavy. Lyrically, Lacuna Coil’s principals opted for self-reflection on Black Anima. Often, the lyrics are tied to personal things the band are going through. As a group of musicians into their 20th year, the sheer number of possibilities could be overwhelming, but they needed to fit Lacuna Coil’s lyrical parameters.
“The lyrics touch on the personal side of the members of the band. We touch upon feelings and reflections, the passage of life. People who are no
longer with us, for example. All of us experience this, actually. Whether it’s a loved one, companion, or animal, there’s no escaping it. We thought it was important to talk about that… As for the title, Black Anima, I like to put together words. Like Comalies and Karmacode, for example. Black Anima was the same thing, really. The two words tie together perfectly to define the concept, Anima is soul in Italian and the feeling throughout the record is dark, black so it was easy to pair the words together.”
 – vocalist Andrea Ferro
Lacuna Coil’s next steps are to promote Black Anima with every ounce of their beings. The
spell-binding album is ready to sate diehard fans and mine new ones. Indeed, that’s exactly
what Lacuna Coil are planning on.
Tickets via SISTIC.
Tickets are S$68 for those who purchased the Double Shot Package to Singapore Rockfest II and S$78 for those who purchased either day of Singapore Rockfest II. Early bird tickets are S$98 and standard tickets are S$108. Fans can also get the VIP Meet & Greet package for S$150.  S$68, S$78 tickets and VIP Meet & Greet package go on sale on 02 January 2020, 1:00pm SGT onwards.
Early bird sale starts on 02 January 2020, 1:00pm until 10 January 2020 at 11:59pm SGT.
Standard tickets go on sale from 11 January 2020 at 12:00 am, SGT onwards.





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