Lea Porcelain releases new single ‘Ohio’ and announces upcoming album

Berlin-based alternative rock duo Lea Porcelain have announced their second studio album CHOIRS TO HEAVEN, due May 21st and shared a new single ‘Ohio’.

The track is soaked with the duo’s original Post-Punk grit, but with added lyrical and sonic maturity gained from the last two years of recording and personal introspection.

Of the song, the band shares,

“the world has become something we don’t seem to understand anymore. Forced to be alone and to keep the distance from most of the people we know and long for. We are isolated on the inside and out, extended every week anew without an end in sight. “Ohio” is the story of two lovers who in a future scenario see the end coming and want to spend it together any way possible. The lyrics are inspired by Lucie Brock-Broido’s poem “Ohio” from her book “A Hunger”. The general feeling of the song is as longing as it arousing. There is a certain feeling of apocalypse in the air that gets disappointed by the silence of the now and eagerness of tomorrow.”

The video was directed by Michael Titze & Axel Schotermann and the band explains, “We wanted to give this song a very visual idea of 2 people longing for each other. It’s in the nature of humans to share memories to come with one another and that nature is beautifully depicted in the plants and both lovers in between them intertwined. It tells a story by only giving hints that we all understand at this point in time of distance and isolation. Togetherness is the key. Even if it’s just in a spiritual way.”

Since their debut release ‘HYMNS TO THE NIGHT’ in 2017, Lea Porcelain has steadily grown to be one of Germany’s most intriguing alternative rock exports. Their first album saw them build a special connection with fans all over, having played rising slots at festivals such as Reading & Leeds, Latitude and The Great Escape. Across the Atlantic, the band became regulars on stations such as KEXP for their distinct sound lending from influences such as Radiohead and The National.

2019 saw the band begin work on their second album CHOIRS TO HEAVEN in Berlin and Los Angeles, to create a more intelligent and thought-out comeback record and build upon their considerable foundations.  Speaking of the album, the duo share, “this album resembles a big moment for us. That is a recollection of so many memories we made over the last 2 years. We selected 11 tracks in total that contain almost every emotion we felt throughout this process. And we feel to have improved our songwriting on a lyrical level as well as on composition and production. The album is a walk through the different worlds of Lea Porcelain.”

The band first began to tease music from this album last year, with the effervescent “Pool Song” a highlight, which saw them perform an exclusive session for COLORSXSTUDIO.

Pool Song” was also hand picked by The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas for GTA 5’s latest update on ‘KULT.FM’. The band’s latest single, and title track has also garnered support from BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders.

Now they look towards 2021, a year surely to see them fill their potential as a main staple in the alternative rock scene.

Listen to ‘Ohio’ and pre-save CHOIRS TO ALBUM here:


  1. Consent Of Cult
  2. 100 Years
  3. Pool Song
  4. For Everything You Are
  5. Future Hurry Slow
  6. Choirs To Heaven
  7. For The Light
  8. Sink Into The Night
  9. Shoot The Moon
  10. Ohio
  11. Just A Dream

Cover photo: Kane Holz





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