Mosimann at ADE showcase from Protocol Recordings.

Swiss producer, Mosimann talks about his label at Nicky Romero Protocol 8th annual showcase.

Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings 8th annual showcase took place Melkweg Amsterdam on October 16 at Amsterdam Dance Event. The “Nicky Romero & Friends” mainstage at the iconic venue, next to Nicky Romero himself, featured Deniz Koyu, Florian Picasso, Marc Benjamin, Maximals, Mosimann, Stadiumx, Teamworx, and Thomas Gold this year.
Continuing their tradition from 2017, Protocol debuted a brand new five-track EP for their Protocol Lab – ADE 2019 edition. The Protocol Lab collection is meant to gear up fans and industry tastemakers alike for one of the label’s biggest showcases of the year with driving, energetic and danceable records, which will include new music from Timmo Hendriks, SOVTH, Brya, Mantrastic & Rechler, Kevin Moncado and Metrush. The EP will be coming soon.
Swiss DJ and producer, Mosimann is here to catch up with AsiaLive365 after his performance at ADE showcase.
Let’s see what Mosimann has to say about his sound!

ASL365: When did you first realize making music was the thing you wanted to do the most?

Mosimann: Actually I never wondered, it was meant to be. Whereas my friends at school wanted to become a fireman or a police officer, I wanted to be on stage. I started the drums at 4-years old. I always knew I was an artist and that it was my only path.

ASL365: Does the fact that you were raised in France had something to do with your inspiration and love for music or do think it would’ve been the same if you stayed in Switzerland?

Mosimann: Indeed I grew up between the 2 countries so I have dual nationality. The french-touch vibe from Sebastien Leger, Jean-Michel Jarre and Laurent Garnier were big inspirations but I also remember being a huge fan of Luciano or EDX. Now I am living in Switzerland but my studio is located in France! So I think I move forward in my music with both cultures.
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ASL365: Have you always had support from family when you started or you had to put up with family’s different opinion about it?

Mosimann: This is one of my biggest chances, my parents always stood by me, and my family was there for all of my projects. My mother took a loan to offer me my first turntables at 13 (Denon without a pitch, it was hard to mix but it was so fun!) and the only condition she demanded is for me to be graduated. I got graduation for my mom and then made music my only job.

ASL365: How would you like to define your music?

Mosimann: Hard to say but I guess it’s a mixture of Pop, House, Electro. I like it to be very cinematographic regarding my pop songs so I’m very focused on the arrangements and the choice of instruments. Regarding my club tracks, my keyword is the groove, I need the rhythm to be coherent.

ASL365: You re-launched your own record label “Change Your Mind” together with German music group SWUTCH music GmbH, could you tell us a little bit about your label and this collaboration.

Mosimann: It’s really hard to handle a label on your own, some teams do it really well, especially in France, but I wanted to stay involved in the A&R and let a specialized team in charge of promotion & co because I don’t have the time and resources to do it. The guys from SWUTCH I know well are great for this; we really teamed up for CYM (Change Your Mind).

ASL365: We have seen last month you posted “Do you want me to sing more in the future?” on social media, so besides being a DJ is it that being a singer could be one of your next major endeavours?

Mosimann: Sure. Singing has always been a part of me, and this is something essential I’ll be able to share more with the public through my upcoming project. I’m quite against labels like ‘Is he a DJ? A producer? A singer?’, well, I’m an artist, it’s that simple.

ASL365: After so many years in your career do you feel an intense pressure before getting on stage or you’ve gotten used to it now?

Mosimann: It depends on the events I’m playing at. The stage is my playground, it’s where I feel safe and comfortable, I managed to get stress into excitement. For example during ADE, I planned mainstage at the Protocol recordings party at Melkweg, it was really important for me, I was a bit stressed out but mostly really excited to play and share with the audience.

ASL365: What advice can you give for the young music DJs / producers.

Mosimann: One of the advice that helped me the most these past few years, it’s a friend who gave it to me, he’s a great French DJ producer called Tony Romera; he told me ‘Stop wonder, do things as you feel it, go ahead.’ It’s a bit cliché but it helped and I move forward more easily since.

ASL365: DJ MAG is about to announce the new TOP 100 DJs. So what do you think about this chart?

Mosimann: Being on the chart for 6 years was a very good thing. I don’t regret it, I took advantage of it. Life goes on, with or without this chart you know…

ASL365: You’ve had a lot of Asia tours, what do you think about the electronic music scene in Asia?

Mosimann: It’s a very interesting market, it’s always a pleasure to play there, even if I think that China is a bit late regarding electronic music culture, this country wants to do things, create events, it’s a good thing. Korea and Japan remain some of my favourite countries to play in. Also, I can’t wait to be back in Thailand and Indonesia.

ASL365: Is there anything special you have coming up for the fans?

Mosimann: I’d like to thank them for their support, it means so much to me. I’m touring for years now and it’s a bit of luck I get from hard-working sure but most of all thanks to them being there. I have a really important project coming soon, new songs in a kinda different artistic direction but where I felt myself 100%. Hope they will like it! Then, I keep touring worldwide and hope to share many emotions with them soon; in the meantime, they can follow my adventures on my socials I handle myself.
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