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Asia Live 365 is back with a fresh batch of tunes! Buckle up as we handpick the hottest new music, from chart-topping anthems to hidden gems, all curated with you in mind. Get ready to discover your next obsession, expand your sonic horizons, and groove to the sounds of Asia’s vibrant music scene. Dive in and see what Asia Live 365 has cooking up for you this week!


Within Asia


Minho – Stay for a night


Minho’s “Stay for a night” is a late-night siren song, luring you into a world of velvet vocals and smooth beats. The single oozes sensuality, blending sultry R&B with a touch of funk for a mesmerizing soundscape. Minho’s voice captivates, weaving a story of longing and unspoken desires over pulsating basslines and atmospheric synths. It’s a track that begs you to turn down the lights, lose yourself in the rhythm, and get lost in the intoxicating moment Minho creates.




ITZY rewrites the rules with ‘UNTOUCHABLE,’ a banger that smashes together electropop, rock, and dance into a thrilling sonic cocktail. They effortlessly switch between sweet melodies and fierce growls, showcasing their unparalleled vocal and rap skills. This is ITZY at their most experimental and innovative, proving they’re unstoppable forces in the K-Pop scene.


I Belong to the Zoo – Relapse


I Belong To The Zoo’s “Relapse” isn’t just a breakup song; it’s a raw portrait of vulnerability battling against denial. The pulsating beat pulses with the ache of a love lost, while Argee Guerrero’s vocals float between tender confession and defiant denial. The lyrics sting with relatable honesty, admitting to clinging to fading memories despite knowing it’s futile.


NCT U – Do It (Let’s Play)


NCT U is back with ‘Do It (Let’s Play),’ your soundtrack to the perfect summer day. This infectious pop anthem bursts with playful energy, featuring bright vocals, funky basslines, and an irresistible beat that will have you moving along in no time. Ditch your worries, grab your friends, and get ready to crank up the volume – it’s time to let loose and play!


Akini Jing – VILLAIN


Akini Jing sheds the damsel in distress and embraces the dark side in ‘VILLAIN,’ a fiery anthem of self-reliance and defiance. Ditch the expectations, break the chains, and rewrite your own narrative – this is a call to reclaim your power and become the master of your destiny.


My Anh – Small Talk


My Anh masterfully paints a picture of everyday encounters, transforming the mundane into something hauntingly beautiful. From stolen glances across a crowded room to awkward conversations fueled by nervous laughter, “Small Talk” captures the bittersweet essence of human interaction.


SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] – LEveL


Sawano Hiroyuki in partnership with TOMORROW X TOGETHER delivers an adrenaline-pumping anthem with ‘LEveL,’ igniting your inner warrior and pushing you to new heights. Being the introduction theme to the new anime series Solo Leveling based on the popular Korean manhwa (or webtoon), both artists craft a world of epic battles and unwavering determination with this track. Each instrumental layer adds depth and power, weaving a tapestry of sound that’s as unpredictable as it is exhilarating.


JO1 – Your Key


JO1 proves their strength in unity with ‘Your Key,’ showcasing their flawless synchronization and captivating charisma. Each member shines, their individual talents blending seamlessly to create a captivating performance that’s both visually stunning and sonically captivating. This song perfectly embodies the group’s unbreakable bond and their determination to conquer every challenge together.




After a brief hiatus, B1A4 rewinds their way back into the spotlight with ‘REWIND’ and they’re better than ever. This powerful comeback anthem showcases their refined vocals, captivating melodies, and unwavering stage presence. It’s a declaration of their musical prowess and a promise of future greatness. Get ready to welcome B1A4 back with open arms and groove to their timeless sound.


Gloc 9 – Labandero


Gloc 9’s masterful storytelling shines in ‘Labandero.’ He seamlessly blends folk melodies with elements of hip-hop and Pinoy rock, creating a tapestry that reflects the vibrancy and complexity of Filipino life. The lyrics paint vivid scenes of positivity amidst daily struggles, weaving a relatable narrative that speaks to the shared experiences of countless Filipinos.


International Hits


Ariana Grande – yes, and?


“yes, and?” explodes with an unapologetic energy, driven by pulsating beats, sharp rap verses, and Grande’s soaring vocals. The lyrics are a masterclass in self-assuredness, rejecting limitations and embracing spontaneity. She sings, “And if you find yourself in a dark situation, just turn on your light and be like, “Yes, and?” say that sh*t with your chest, and be your own f*ckin’ best friend. Keep moving like, “What’s next?”” It’s a defiant middle finger to the naysayers, a reminder that Grande takes the reins of her own destiny.


Lil Nas X – J CHRIST


At its core, “J CHRIST” is a celebration of self-love and defiance. It’s sparked conversations about religion, LGBTQ+ rights, and artistic freedom. Musically, it seamlessly blends elements of gospel, hip-hop, and pop, creating an infectious soundscape that’s both playful and thought-provoking. It’s a reminder that Lil Nas X is a force to be reckoned with, and he’s not afraid to challenge the status quo.


Kali Uchis, Peso Pluma – Igual Que Un Angel


Kali Uchis and Peso Pluma’s “Igual Que Un Ángel” transcends the bounds of a typical genre label. It’s a mesmerizing blend of soulful vocals, Latin rhythms, and introspective lyrics that transports you to a hazy, moonlit world where dreams and anxieties intertwine. Uchis sings about searching for a “corazón como el tuyo,” a pure and rare heart amidst a world of superficiality. 




Kid Cudi is back, and he’s not holding back. “TORTURED,” the latest offering from the ever-evolving artist, throws open the doors to his inner demons, inviting us into a raw and unsettling world where darkness dances with a glimmer of hope.


NIKI – 24


NIKI reminds us that the journey of self-discovery is ongoing, and that even amidst the uncertainties, there’s beauty in the process of becoming who we are meant to be. The song’s chorus recalls the feeling of contentment in the present, as she sings, “And that’s enough for me right now, anyway, at twenty-four”


Marshmello, venbee – No Man’s Land


The song opens with a minimalist melody, a lone piano echoing in the vast emptiness. Slowly, Marshmello’s signature atmospheric synths and subtle percussion weave in. Then it builds a soundscape that feels both fragile and expansive. Venbee grapples with feelings of displacement and the constant search for a place to belong. The repetition of “running from myself” underscores the exhausting cycle of solitude and the yearning for a sanctuary from the emotional void.


Jennifer Lopez – Can’t Get Enough


Forget slow burns; this song is about an inferno of attraction, an intoxicating mix of desire and raw chemistry. Jennifer Lopez is back with “Can’t Get Enough.” This isn’t a song for shy glances; it’s a full-blown declaration of wanting someone like nobody’s business.


The Smile – Friend Of A Friend


The song unfolds like a warped pop odyssey, starting with a gentle piano melody that soon takes a left turn into off-kilter rhythms and Thom Yorke’s signature raspy vocals. It’s a sonic kaleidoscope that reflects the awkwardness and humor of navigating social interactions, constantly shifting between intimacy and detachment.


MGMT – Nothing To Declare


“Nothing To Declare” is a sonic and lyrical invitation to shed societal expectations by electropop duo MGMT. They clamor to open your mind to possibilities, and explore the hidden depths of your own existence. It’s a reminder that the most profound journeys often begin with a blank slate and a willingness to embrace the void. Remember, the world is your oyster (or Fine de Claire, for that matter)!


Armin van Buuren, Goodboys – Forever (Stay Like This)


Armin van Buuren and Goodboys join forces to create “Forever (Stay Like This).” The song unfolds like a sunrise over a boundless ocean. It starts with gentle piano chords that gradually bloom into an uplifting melody. Armin van Buuren’s signature trance synths build layer upon layer, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement. “Can we stay like this forever?” echoes throughout the song. It’s a universal yearning for connection and the preservation of fleeting happiness.


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