Rü drops versatile two-track EP ‘Happy AF / Homeless’

The Chicago-based underground DJ has released two tracks, one full of energy in ‘Happy AF’ and the other full of distortion in ‘Homeless’.

Rü’s latest offering, the Happy AF / Homeless EP, features two tracks that are distinctly different from each other. The EP is released via the producer’s Super Legit Records.

‘Happy AF’ is an uplifting dance track brimming with bright synths and catchy soundscapes. ‘Homeless’, however, is more experimental in nature. The song features droning sounds filled ambience and atmosphere.

The EP gives listeners a taste of the producer’s ability to create unique productions ranging from different musical styles.

Emerging from the Chicago underground scene, Rü has been honing his skills in delivering hard-hitting rave music. He launched his own label Super Legit Records and event production company Super Legit Productions to showcase his wide talent in art and music.





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