A special night presenting both Hip-Hop and Jazz all at SIWILAI CITY CLUB

Whether you’re looking for some Hiphop or Jazz, Local or international, you will surely find it all live at SIWILAI CITY CLUB this Saturday, June 15.
Meet the Hip-hop Rising DJ Blazin who’s made his way from Bali and the support from Sticky Keys and awards-winning DJ Whatdafrog. Catch them at the City Bar, tickets are 350 THB (includes one drink)
Come through to the Central Stage if you’re looking to take a little break from the usual jazz night. Rubem Farias, a respectable bass player from Brazil will be playing alongside with Filo Machado, 1st Grammy nomination in the category of “Best Latin Jazz Album”, bringing us some Samba Jazz all the way to Bangkok!

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For more information and reservation: 02-160-5631