Travelling her way into our hearts with ‘Basketball’

London-based New York native Norma Jean Martine has shared her honest and epic new cut ‘Basketball’, revealing the official music video for the single.

This new anthem of self-validation comes complete with an addictive melody, witty lyrics and a rhythmic motif reminiscent of a bouncing basketball. It is a song that digs deep, yet captures our hearts with its catchy beats and rhythm.

“Basketball” has performed phenomenally since its release, making its way into 9 Spotify New Music Friday playlists all over Asia. It now stands at over 120k streams on Spotify and close to 300k views on Youtube.

Speaking more on the track, Norma shared:

“Writing this song was sort of a therapy for me to work out if the first boyfriend was a rebound boy, or if the new one was. I was trying to work out why I needed to be with someone constantly, and why I was so afraid to be alone.

I was a person that thrived off of outside validation. I wasn’t comfortable with myself, and I didn’t love myself in a genuine, authentic way, so I needed continuous approval; as a singer, a songwriter, a woman, and a person.

By never being alone, I never gave myself time to process the shifts in my life. I was numbing the pain with distraction and trying to fix other people so I didn’t have to fix myself. I didn’t have space to be me, I was afraid to sit with my shit and take responsibility for my life.”

The music video for “Basketball” was shot by Norma herself, and has been featured in Clash Magazine.

“Basketball” is an empowering reintroduction to Norma Jean Martine. Paying homage to self-acceptance and inner peace, the inspiring journey of Norma as an artist and a woman is something to take note of. The upcoming months will bring a number of massive coming-of-age bangers from Norma Jean Martine, with exquisite songwriting, soulful vocals and seamless production.

Listen to more of Norma Jean Martine below.






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