Canadian pop star and heartthrob Shawn Mendes has released a stunning new single and accompanying music video ‘Wonder’.

The self-titled track, released at midnight today (Eastern Time), also comes ahead of the talented singer-songwriter’s fourth album – due to be unveiled on December 4, 2020.

Earlier this week, the young superstar also teased his fans with a clip of the anticipated song. The 1.5 minute intro video came together with a cleverly crafted reel, gorgeous chords, texturally vocals, and poignantly beautiful lyrics – and seemed to take you into a world filled with wide-eyed wonder, and an iridescent appeal.

In anticipation of the music video’s official release at midnight, a live event just half an hour before its release took place – joined by the “off camera” music artist who took the opportunity to answer a couple of questions posted to him.

Perhaps what was most exciting was the two minute countdown (interface and AI voiceover included) to the music video release – which really made it seem like we were heading to ‘Wonder’ – a mysterious place it seems…

Watch the video below to see the stunning art direction and beautiful contemporary dance moves that exude in the video – including some wet “shirt” (well…a singlet to be precise) moments…

We are definitely awed and surprised by this new release – and can’t wait for the new album when it comes out on December 4.

Pre-order the album here.