Ever craved the thrill of witnessing a group on the cusp of superstardom? Look no further than at the ZEROBASEONE THE FIRST TOUR! These nine talented boys, fresh off their electrifying debut in 2023, are taking their infectious energy and dynamic performances on the road with their first-ever Asia tour, aptly titled “THE FIRST TOUR.”  Get ready to be swept away by their youthful exuberance and witness the birth of a K-Pop powerhouse in the making.

From Reality Show to Reality: ZEROBASEONE’s Meteoric Rise

For those new to the ZEROBASEONE phenomenon, their journey began under the bright lights of Mnet’s hit survival show “Boys Planet.”  Through grueling challenges and captivating performances, LEO, TEU, KYO, V, XIN, GAON, PARKHA, EUNHO, and CHASE captured hearts worldwide. Their debut with “YOUTH IN THE SHADE” solidified their status as a group to watch, and “THE FIRST TOUR” promises to be the next exciting chapter in their story.

A Global Celebration: ZEROBASEONE THE FIRST TOUR Goes to Southeast Asia and Beyond

The tour begins with a three-night residency at the prestigious KSPO DOME in Seoul, giving their home fans a taste of the magic to come. But fret not, international fans! ZEROBASEONE THE FIRST TOUR quickly explodes across Southeast Asia, with stops in Singapore, Manila, Bangkok, and Jakarta. The itinerary extends even further, with Macau and Japan on the horizon. This is a truly global celebration of ZEROBASEONE’s music, allowing fans worldwide to experience their electrifying presence live.

More Than Just Music: A Celebration of Youth and Growth

ZEROBASEONE stands out for its youthful energy and vibrant sound. Their music pulsates with young adulthood’s optimism and raw emotions, resonating deeply with fans who share their journey. With the upcoming release of their third EP, “You Had Me at HELLO,” expect a setlist packed with established hits like “SWEAT” alongside fresh tracks that showcase their musical evolution.

Be Part of History: Witness ZEROBASEONE’s Takeoff

ZEROBASEONE THE FIRST TOUR is more than just a concert; it’s a chance to be part of K-Pop history. Join fellow fans in celebrating the birth of a new powerhouse group. Sing along to your favorite tracks, revel in the electrifying atmosphere, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Take advantage of this opportunity to experience the magic of ZEROBASEONE firsthand. Grab your tickets, gather your K-Pop squad, and prepare to be blown away by “THE FIRST TOUR”! The future of K-Pop is here, and it’s exhilarating! And for all your artist information, concert and festival needs across Asia, keep an eye on Asia Live 365! We’ll update you on the latest events, hottest acts, and must-see experiences.