12 Signs You’ve Been Waiting For Adele’s New Album

The world’s most beloved British songstress Adele’s third album, 25, drops in less than a week. Here are 12 signs you’ve clearly been waiting for this baby to arrive.


1. You’re not one to hold grudges but let’s get this out of the way first thing: You had severe heart attacks back in 2014 when the British singer tweeted this.


You were like, what do you mean another 25 “later in the year”?

Then you saw the pattern, 19… 21… 25…



It didn’t help that World Music Awards (who?) tweeted “#adele confirms 2015 Tour After The Release Of Her New Album ’25′!” only to be shut down by Martin Mills, head of your queen’s label, who told Billboard there’s “no truth in this.”


Well, that’s that, then.


2. You played Adele’s previous records just in time to prevent your going to the hospital and demanding that questionable award show to pay for your medical bills. Great music? A cardiologist? Same same. Frankly, this saved you all the legal trouble.




3. Not just records. You replayed and replayed Oscar-winning soundtrack “Skyfall”, too. Not gonna lie, other than that part where Judi Dench’s M, bless her heart, quotes Lord Tennyson, it’s the best part of Skyfall the movie.




4. You spent months monitoring social media hoping any album news would turn up. But nope.



You rave, I rave, ‘Delz. #NightCrawlerReallyIsDope.

5. Just when you least expected it, she released a snippet of “Hello” during The X Factor UK advert break. Given your location, you weren’t tuning in but you’re pretty sure the entire British population agreed with you on one thing: 30 seconds of Adele’s voice was better than the whole damn singing show.


Even when listening to someone else’s recording…

… your poor soul just couldn’t take it. How could something so simple be so beautiful?



6. Speaking of something beautiful. THIS AND ONLY THIS.



You’ve probably read this heartfelt letter Adele shared on her Facebook account over 25 times now.


7. When you saw the full video of “Hello”, which premiered on October 20, you shared these sentiments.



When @adele puts out a new single… She’s done it again! ???#Hello #25 #SheHadMeAtHello A photo posted by Kate Hudson (@katehudson) on

This look @adele actually made me scream like a little girl

A photo posted by Sam Smith (@samsmithworld) on

You might not be a science whizz but you know what Dunham wrote for a fact.



And you totally feel some of the ~deeper~ feels.


A photo posted by KAMILA. (@itscookiexo) on


8. You’re not one to recoil from saying that at least 4% of those hourly 1.6 million views that makes your queen more popular than Star Wars and Taylor Swift comes from you alone.


9. You’ve liked, shared, retweeted and even made tons of gifs and memes related to the video. But this one is by far your most favourite.

☎️? #hello @adele

A video posted by lionelrichie (@lionelrichie) on

Job well done. But all jokes aside, Lionel, it’s her we’re looking for.


10. You looked up 25’s full track list and analysed what the other songs could be about.


A-8   A-9



11. You’ve asserted to everyone you know that, if your calculations are correct, when this baby hits iTunes and local record stores… they’re gonna hear and see some serious shit.




12. When you say your homegirl is going to slay everyone else on the charts and at major awards, you ain’t hatin’ on other artists. You’re just being honest.




Really. They ought to know by now.





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