8 Reasons You Should Go to Tomorrowland Brasil 2016

With the festival’s global ticket sales date being right around the corner, we break down 8 reasons you should smash your piggy bank and come away with us.


1. You’ll be greeted by this.


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The actual festival venue is in Itu municipality, which is about an hour and 30 minutes drive away from central São Paulo. But there’s nothing wrong with taking all of this epic megacity in first once you hop off the plane. Seriously, look at the view.

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Not to mention the vivacity and brilliant street art.

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2. It’s the best time to be in São Paulo.


Tomorrowland Brasil 2016 will be held in April, the best time to be in a coastal city like São Paulo! The post-summer temperature will be just right—the average being between 18°C and 26°C (64°F and 79°F)—for any kind of outdoor activities. Plus the weather will be totally humidity-free so for the dwellers of South East Asia such as ourselves, it’s nice to be pampered by dry and breezy Brazilian air for a change.

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3. But that doesn’t mean it can’t get crazy hot and heavy.


Tomorrowland is pretty much the paradise on earth for EDM lovers and frequent festival goers, and to make the best out of this virtual Eden, you need to let your inner Usher/Queen Bey take over and break yourself some sweat. Pffft gladly, right?

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We mean all kinds of hot and heavy. Ahem.

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4. You can definitely expect a great lineup.


What can we say? It’s Tomorrowland, one of the most anticipated music festivals in the world for which the tickets are sold out within minutes of release. After it had branched out to South America for the first time earlier in May, fans got to witness all-round exhilarating electronic sets from big names like Armin van Buuren, David Guetta, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Hardwell, Nicky Romero, Showtek, Steve Aoki and more.

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Yep, and that’s just the first batch of many more to come. Tell us if you aren’t already psyched to know who’ll be rocking the seven stages of Tomorrowland Brasil next year! It won’t be long before the 2016 lineup is out and we promise we’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, here’s David Guetta’s set from this year’s fiesta to get you geared up and, for those of you who were there (ugh, you lucky despicable little things), to relive the magic.




5. Two words, ten letters: DreamVille.


The camping site flanking the festival is not your typical camping site. It goes above and beyond that! DreamVille has some unique features, like the Marketplace with a great selection of boutique and crafts shops, party gear vendors, and gourmet restaurants. There are also a warm welcome/warm up party (“The Gathering”) and several activity centres where access is exclusive for DreamVillers only.

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And we wouldn’t dare to forget to mention all the special accommodations provided for guests: Magnificent Greens, Easy Tents, DreamLodge and Cabanas.

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6. The party doesn’t stop when the music (on stage) does.

You know what they say, you haven’t really been to a party until you’ve been to the afterparty. Sure, there’s a full day of festival fun ahead but who needs sleep when this nice group of German college students you met in the main stage crowd is having another blast back at their cabana!?

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7. You can connect with people from all over the world.


In terms of culture and ethnicity, Brazil is already considered one of the most diverse countries out there, but here at Tomorrowland, the diversity and your experiencing it are tenfold! Share the love for music and party with lifelong friends (from Brazil, Argentina, Canada, India, Japan…) you just haven’t got to know yet.

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“[It’s a] music festival, but much more than a music festival,” remarks Bruno Vanwelsenaers, Director of Tomorrowland

#word, bro.



8. You’ll be part of Tomorrowland’s 10th anniversary. Literally.


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Although the big sister festival in Belgium already celebrated its 10th anniversary with the theme “The Key to Happiness” in July 2014, the decenary fun lives on. Tomorrowland Brasil’s 2016 edition will still be based on the same theme but get this: since the festival has always played with the iconic concept of the Book of Wisdom, letting guests, the People of Tomorrow, take part in creating another “chapter” together. So even with a hand-me-down theme, the stories—packed with fun, memories and sheer magic—each year produces will never be the same as the last.

Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate this unique and wonderful concept before we get to the most important question in the universe…



Are you up for this yet?

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Tomorrowland Brasil 2016 is set to be from April 21-23 next year in the lush green fields of Itu, São Paulo. AsiaLive365 is partnering with Tomorrowland to make sure you have the best of experiences. Read more about the festival here, and click here to check out all of our ticket and travel packages. Hope you’ll be there to write and live another chapter of the world’s biggest EDM festival together, one beat at a time.







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