Sony Music Japan dropped remixes of several anime theme songs from electronic artists Slushii, Corsak, and James Landino via their newly rebranded Sakura Chill Beats YouTube channel.

Slushii, Corsak, and James Landino have remixed several opening and ending theme songs from the hit anime series Naruto: Shippuden and Boruto – Naruto Next Generations.

The tracks include Slushii and Corsak’s remixes of Ikimonogatari’s ‘Blue Bird’ and ‘Baku’ respectively, and James Landino’s rework of halca’s ‘Kimi ga Ita Shirushi’. All three songs are released via Sony Music Japan’s Sakura Chill Beats YouTube channel.

Slushii’s ‘Blue Bird’ remix marks the channel’s second official upload. The American bass music DJ reworked the original song by J-pop group Ikimonogakari into a more fun and upbeat tone with an infectious rhythm.

He comments,

“Remixing ‘Blue Bird’ was very unique for me because I watched Naruto: Shippuden when it was airing on TV, so I got nostalgia from remixing this song!”

While Slushii offers a dose of nostalgia by remixing one of Naruto: Shippuden opening themes, Chinese DJ/producer Corsak opts to remix one of the opening songs from the more recent Boruto anime.

His energetic ‘Baku’ remix features a catchy beat and drop that keeps listeners dancing from start to finish.

He says,

“During my music process, I have always loved to combine different cultures and ideas, therefore I am so honored to be able to bring EDM, J-Pop, and anime styles together on the remix of Ikimonogakari’s ‘Baku’.

For the remix, I had this vision of Boruto in the middle of a fight, and wanted to create a feeling through the music of the power swinging back and forth in the battle like a pendulum.

I want to thank the ‘Boruto’ committee, Ikimonogakari, and SONY Music Japan for this opportunity. It’s a dream for one of my productions to be associated with one of the all-time greats!” 

James Landino’s take on Boruto‘s ending theme song, ‘Kimi ga Ita Shirushi by Japanese singer halca, takes the song to new heights with a fast and lively energy coupled by the emotionally rich lyricism.

Landino comments,

“I grew up watching the ‘Naruto’ anime and working on ‘Boruto’ is a childhood dream. Halca’s high energy performance is perfect for ‘Boruto’ and I remixed the original song with my own high energy style. Please enjoy!”

Sakura Chill Beats is Sony Music Japan’s newly rebranded YouTube channel that offers official remixes of anime theme songs. The channel launched on Saturday, June 19 with Retrovision’s remix of the peggies’ ‘Ashiato’ ending theme to the hit anime series, My Hero Academia.

The remix was released to coincide with the show’s fifth season.