The new label and music collective, which is launching this Friday with a debut mixtape titled semilucent, will serve as a platform and represent the next wave of artists from the Philippines to the West.

88rising, the pioneering Asian-American mass media company and record label, have teamed up with Philippine telecommunications company Globe to launch PARADISE RISING – a new label that will serve as a platform and put a spotlight on local Filipino artists in the West.

To celebrate the launch of the new label, PARADISE RISING is set to release its first mixtape titled semilucent on July 31, 2020. The label will feature rising Filipino talents such as Kiana V (Pop/R&B), Massiah (Hip-hop/R&B), Jason Dhakal (R&B/Soul), Leila Alcasid (Pop) and Fern (Indie Pop).

Check out the teaser trailer on 88rising’s Facebook page here:

Sean Miyashiro, founder of 88rising, says:

“The Philippines and music go hand in hand, and there is such a vibrancy in the way talented young artists are emerging, and such a massive audience in love with music. We want to support their voices, help them be heard, and bring music from the Philippines to a global audience. This label partnership brings an unprecedented opportunity for Philippine artists to achieve even greater visibility and commercial success with their music.”

Ernest Cu, President and CEO of Globe, also added:

“Globe shares this same vision and passion with us – and we are excited about what we can do together. We are thrilled and excited about this opportunity to put Filipino music on the map and introduce our own brand of Filipino artists. We take pride in our Filipino music, and we are honored to do our part in further
unlocking the potential of Asian music in the global music industry by partnering with 88rising to recreate the local music scene with some of the best rising talents.”

With 88rising having successfully brought Asian artists to the West such as Rich Brian, Joji, NIKI, and Higher Brothers, the company is looking to do the same with promising Filipino talent for PARADISE RISING and fans can expect a consistent lineup of music releases from the new label in the foreseeable future.

Ernest Cu continues,

“It will be interesting to see what these creative young artists can bring to the global stage. As we journey along with them, we are delighted to be doing it with a partner that is as innovative and driven in amplifying Asian talent and music that resonates with listeners worldwide.”

Be sure to follow the latest news of the label through the official Paradise Rising
Globe pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.