The online music service provider for Amazon Prime now has a new feature available to its members – creating All-Access Playlists. These publicly curated playlists, different from user-created Playlists, are available for members to “play any song on-demand” regardless of genre. What’s new is that Prime members can now create All-Access Playlists from scratch or convert an existing playlist as long as it is eligible (eligibility being 15 to 50 songs). You will also be given a badge signifying that it is an All-Access Playlist and they are immune to skip limits, unlike regular playlists.

Having All-Access Playlists has its caveats as well. Members can only make 10 changes to the playlist for a day. Also, not all of these playlists would be to your liking and will be pushed to your direction as they are sponsored playlists. The only other personalized All-Access Playlist dedicated to your listening preference is My Mix. It is an ever-changing playlist (dependent on your activity frequency) automatically generated within Amazon Music. This playlist becomes available after listening to 25 tracks.

As we know, Amazon Prime members have free access to Amazon Music. This feature is another way to entice potential Prime members to check out other facets of the Amazon ecosystem. Having free rein to bend and customize the experience to your liking isn’t half bad.

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