BTS’ primary singer in the group, Jungkook, has just announced it! The Jungkook album release date for his solo debut, Golden, is on November 3. So this will be barely a month from countdown!

The Golden Maknae (translated from Korean as “golden youngest”) Jungkook has released two singles from the album to date. These are “3D” with Jack Harlow and “Seven” with Latto. Both tracks have previously gone toe-to-toe against each other last week on first and second spot on Spotify’s Top 50 Global (they’re currently at position 2 and 3 respectively) as Doja Cat dominates the charts as of writing (we have a separate album review for her so keep your eyes on this space!).

So far, the tracklist for this album has not been revealed – only mentioning that this will be comprised of 11 tracks. Pre-orders of the album are also available. We’re thinking another single (or two) will be released before Jungkook’s Golden finally debuts on shelves and digital streaming platforms. We can only hope and wait from here on out.

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