The Filipino indie pop group have recently released a reworked version of their first song, ‘Aubade’, to celebrate their 10th year together as well as to provide an uplifting tune during these unprecedented times.

The Bulacan-based indie pop band’s re-recorded version of the song, in which the original track was the band’s first breakthrough hit, is not just a commemoration of the group’s journey so far but also a relevant tune today as it instill hope in the time of coronavirus.

‘Aubade’, French for ‘morning serenade’, lives up to its name with Julie Samonte’s calm vocals and uplifting lyrics help kickstart your day proper. The song later breaks down into a smooth piano solo which you can’t help but bop to the beat with a smile on your face.

The track, which is a livelier update to the original, reassures us that “everything will fall into place” and even the darkest of times “we’ll conquer sunsets and we’ll smile our way into the day”.

Blind Stereo Moon consists of Julie Samonte (vocals and guitars), Dave Cruz (drums), Juliane Bagay Cruz (bass), and John Heris Suarez (keys). Their bright pop style is influenced by the alternative sounds of the 90s and early 2000s, with the likes of crooners such as John Mayer and Jason Mraz.

Signed to Darkus Music, the band’s discography spans over 10 releases on the label, and has been featured in local music festivals such as UP Fair and Fête dela Musique Indie Stage. Their 2019 single, ‘Alingawngaw (Acoustic)’ was listed in Spotify’s Philippines Viral 50, and was featured in multiple playlists in the region.

For more Blind Stereo Moon, check out their music below on Spotify.

Cover photo by: Angelo Ico