DJ and activist BLOND:ISH will launch a carbon negative $BYEBYE token, billed as the world’s first ‘Impact To Earn’ Activation, with Bye Bye Plastic Foundation.

International DJ and producer Vive-Ann Bakos, better known as BLOND:ISH, unveiled a partnership with Bye Bye Plastic Foundation during the International Music Summit at Ibiza (Apr. 27-29) with $BYEBYE social token.

Slated to launch in Summer 2022 via the web3 community platform Socialstack, and earned via a $75,000 grant as the inaugural recipient of Socialstack’s Climate Action Social Token Fund, the $BYEBYE social token will mobilize climate action through incentives & rewards, including $25K in crypto.

Bakos explains,

“The sustainable and circular economy still needs to appear stimulating and incentivizing in our everyday lives in order to win the tide of Climate Change. With a token that rewards environmental actions, we aim to not only gamify, but also effortlessly change the culture that will shape a plastic-free and more regenerative world.”

BLOND:ISH is the first musician to embrace Web3 in this way: launching an impact-driven social token that leverages her network effect for good. This is not the first time she’s launched a social token. Earlier this year she launched $ISH.

Craig Wilson, Climate Collective CEO, says:

“Reversing climate change is a problem that is best suited to Web3. Climate is a mass coordination problem, and Web3 is a mass coordination tool. We are thrilled to support Bye Bye Plastic in activating the music community towards regenerative practices.”

BLOND:ISH recently took to Antarctica where she performed on a cruiseliner as part of “WOW IT’S NOW”, an art-forward climate series by Daybreaker to inspire deeper awe and connection to Earth and the growing climate crisis.

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