Dance producers Elephante and SABAI blend their ever-evolving sonic styles in their new collab single ‘Love Again’.

Featuring guitars wrapped around Elephante’s emotive vocals, ‘Love Again’ is the newest single by the Taiwanese-American artist and Thai-Canadian SABAI that transcends genres.

Elephante says,

“Love Again” is a song about recovering from a broken heart and all the trauma that comes with it. It’s about climbing out of that darkness, and putting yourself out there despite the fear of getting hurt again.” 

The collaboration first came about during last year’s EDC Las Vegas when Elephante played SABAI’s ‘Million Days’. About a month later, he invited SABAI to become a part of his Heavy Glow Tour.

SABAI comments on the experience,

“After the surreal experience hearing my song played on one of the biggest stages by an artist that I’m a true fan of inspired me to get back to my room and start working on a demo, which I labeled “Elephante x Sabai”. In the weeks leading up to the tour we were talking about ideas for new tracks, so I sent him that demo which evolved into “Love Again”. Honestly, this is a dream come true collaboration for me and I had so much fun working on this with Tim. Our taste in music is very similar and he’s so talented. I feel grateful for this opportunity.”

On the heels of Elephante’s 88rising debut with his hotly-anticipated sophomore album, Heavy Glow, he continues his personal, sonic, and performance evolution.

He is currently on his ‘Heavy Glow Tour’, which weaves his love for DJing live and playing guitar with stunning, dynamic visuals and effects.  This high-energy hybrid performance has a few final stops in Denver, San Francisco, Portland, and his largest show at The Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles on June 3.

SABAI, as well as yetep, Hoang, nøll, are on tour as support.