Daniel Caesar at Thunder Dome, Bangkok review.

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22-year old Canadian singer, Daniel Caesar showed his “Best Part” to Bangkoknians at Thunder Dome, Muang Thong Thani.

22-year old Canadian singer Daniel Caesar made his debut at Thunder Dome, Bangkok on July 25th supported by an established Thai singer, Tom Issara.
The nearly sold-out concert revolved mostly around the album that dropped unexpectedly less than a month prior to Caesar’s show, CASE STUDY 01, featuring reputable artists like John Mayer, Pharrell Williams, Brandy and many more.
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The crowd screamed Caesar’s name as he made his entrance, opening the show with the song “CYANIDE” from his newest album – the song features heavy reggae influences. This was followed by a few more tracks from the new album, like “LOVE AGAIN” (the original track featuring Brandy), “RESTORE THE FEELING” and “OPEN UP”, which takes elements such as the subtle high hats and kick drum in double time from “Japanese Denim”.
While the venue was completely packed, Caesar’s songs remained feeling naturally personal. When the melody from “Get You” from the previous album Freudian came on, the crowd participated by singing along to the first verse of the song, sans vocals from Caesar himself.
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In habitual times like “Japanese Denim”, the crowd’s voices seem to have overtaken Caesar’s making him appeared to be more of the choir director rather than the headline singer. Closing the concert with the song “SUPERSTITION” featuring John Mayer and his guitar, and Caesar’s lead melody, a sense of lullaby-like and blurry silhouette is evident on this track.
With the album Freudian being focused heavily on spirituality and gospel, “CASE STUDY 01” takes a more extraterrestrial approach, a solid effort is reflected from an artist who is still a rookie and it is clear that his attempt to diversify his sound to push himself outside of gospel music.
Despite the short set from Daniel Caesar, fans seem to have enjoyed themselves throughout the show.
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