Dharma Worldwide drops third volume of ‘Sounds of Summer’

Dharma Worldwide’s third iteration of their ‘Sounds of Summer’ series, curated by founder KSHMR, compiles new tunes by the label’s mainstays and fresh talent.

Dharma Worldwide has dropped their third volume of their annual ‘Sounds of Summer’ series, a compilation featuring 14 tracks from the label’s talent.

Label head KSHMR, who is behind the track curation, explains,

“The Dharma Sounds of Summer is a compilation to put all the great music we’ve received from producers this year in one place.”

Dharma: Sounds of Summer Vol. III features electro house tunes from newcomers including Adam Ferello, NO QVLT, Christopher Damas, Thomas Irwin, SM1LO, twoD, Marnage, H4rley, Brais, DJ Frog and 9tySlac.

The album also sees the return of several contributors from previous volumes including Zafrir, Dronark, The MVI, STUBBVRN, MOOVS, and AUDIOMiLF.

KSHMR and Zafrir’s collaborative track, ‘Winners Anthem’, kickstarts the record.

KSHMR notes,

“Zafrir and I have been friends ever since Alok introduced us so I’m really excited for our song to finally be out. Zafrir is an absolute master at bringing vocalists and instruments from all over the world together.”

Taking listeners on a journey of fresh dance music in the comfort of their homes is the perfect summer soundtrack solution.

Be sure to check out the Sounds of Summer Volumes I & II on Spotify below.





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