Judas Priest Live in Singapore

Metal Gods and legends Judas Priest performed a Herculean of an epic night and it was just absolutely ‘Stonking’!

Thanks to LAMC Productions. All the metal heads in Singapore were blessed with the songs of metal gods, Judas Priest. The band turned Zepp@BigBox into a sanctuary as fans gathered together to praise and enjoy the holy night of metal music from their (Judas) Priest.

You know that it is going to be one hell of a legendary and epic evening when metal gods Judas Priest come to perform. And boy were our ears treated to such head-banging, mosh-stomping delights and riffs that night!

As fans thronged Zepp@BigBox on a Tuesday night (Dec 4), dressed in rockers tees from Metallica to Black Sabbath to Iron Maiden. Of course! Judas Priest and Baby Metal tees are found countlessly as well. People here were so proud of the collections they wore tonight.

Starting at 8pm sharp, the crowd were invited to this very holy metal night by Baby Metal.

The kawaii-metal collective delivered 30-minutes set with dramatic make-up and fascinating choreography. The show was indeed as riveting as it was energetic.

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From ‘Firepower’ to ‘You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ to three encores featuring lead guitarist Glenn Tipton, whose appearance thrilled everyone, Judas Priest brought with them the energy, riffs and sounds from close to 50 years of experience to the hall. They drove the crowd and the crowd reciprocated.

Fans of all ages, from those in their 40s to 60s, to those in their 20s and 30s, to younger ones who came with their dads, danced, head-banged, jammed and moshed to all the songs.

In the crowd, I sported no less than ten really young fans, one of whom stood somewhat beside me, before getting on the shoulders of the two adults he came with, one of them presumably his dad, to get a better view and rock out.

To my left, other fellow rockers had formed a really mini moshing area, and were dancing and head-banging wildly to the beauty of riffs and sounds that the band were producing. One of them even had his t-shirt off.

Safe to say, the atmosphere was pretty intense, as were the performance by the band themselves. But it was hella good!!

©AlvieAlive, LAMC Productions

What was mesmerizing about the entire gig was seeing the band members, whose Frontman, Rob Halford was already in his sixties, perform and play with such ripe energy, poise and brilliance. To put it as British as I can – it was just absolutely Stonking!

I was particularly floored by guitarist Richie Faulkner’s versatility and filigree in his riffs and solos.

Blimey, those were good!

There were just so many favourites that night. From the aesthetic beauty of the set and backdrop, to the rocking visuals on the screen for each song that gave such a nostalgic feel to their songs, to the props used such as Halford riding onto the stage in his Harley Davidson, everything about the gig was just so ripe.

©AlvieAlive, LAMC Productions

I found myself diving deep into this divine metal sound. Especially for “Turbo Lover”, “The Ripper”, “Lightning Strike”, “No Surrender”, “The Green Manalishi”, “Rising From Ruins”, “Night Comes Down”, and not forgetting the three heart-stopping encores that coursed through my veins like unrelenting energy.

Said Halford to the crowd before diving straight into “No Surrender”, “We have the power. We have the energy. We will never give in. And like heavy metal, we never surrender”.

Yes please, don’t ever surrender.

Closing the evening with fan favourite, “Living After Midnight”, which Halford got the crowd to sing out loud to, it was evident from the singing that got louder and louder that everyone had an epic night!

It was Herculean!

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“Louder!” shouted Halford. And the crowd obeyed.

“Living after midnight, rockin’ to the dawn. Lovin’ ’til the morning, then I’m gone, I’m gone.” And then they were gone. The legends had left the stage… leaving us with Queen’s “We Are The Champions” playing in the background.

Another group of legends. How aptly appropriate…

Indeed, it was a night where metal heads and fans alike were pleased. Judas Priest came, they played, and they conquered. And we were not disappointed!

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1.) Firepower
2.) Running Wild

3.) Grinder
4.) Sinner
5.) The Ripper
6.) Lightning Strike
7.) Desert Plains
8.) No Surrender
9.) Turbo Lover
10.) The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown)
11.) Night Comes Down
12.) Rising From Ruins
13.) Freewheel Burning
14.) You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’
15.) Hell Bent For Leather
16.) Painkiller


17.) Metal Gods
18.) Breaking The Law
19.) Living After Midnight

Special thanks to LAMC Productions.
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