Discover what ‘Cat House’ really is with the Cat Dealers.

Cat Dealers talks Cat House, upcoming collaborations, and their new track “Rewind”.

Brazilian brother duo goes by the name ‘Cat Dealers’ with their signature ‘cat house’ and it infuses many different styles with House music. They brought their style across the world including Lollapalooza in Brazil, Ultra in Mexico, playing at Madison Square Garden and signed with Sony in Brazil.
Having produced a top breakthrough banger in 2016 with their remix of ‘Your Body’ by Tom Novy, switching between cheesy hit with and carnival-like melody.
AsiaLive365 is here with the Cat Dealers to find out more about their Cat House style and upcoming collaborations.

ASL365: Could you tell us a little about the story behind the name Cat Dealers. Also, how do you take care of your cats when you are on a tour?

CD: The name Cat Dealers was chosen due to the fact that our mother used to adopt abandoned cats. At some point, we were living with a lot of them in our house, right now there are nine cats living with us. When we’re touring, they stay with our mother, she takes care of them.

ASL365: How did you guys start working together and how do you collaborate as a duo?

CD: We both have always been into music, Lugui has loved electronic music from a young age, which led to him studying it and as a result, I (Pedro) fell in love with it too. So we decided to try doing our own thing and produce. We loved it so much that we haven’t stopped since. As for collaborating, we both bring our own signature sound to our production, but we usually agree with how we want the music to turn out.

ASL365: Do you have any particular studio habits or what do you regularly do right before producing that makes you ready to start some work?

CD: Not that I remember hahahah. We normally play a video game, but after, never before.

ASL365: How does your culture impact your music?

CD: Our culture has always influenced us, especially the electronic scene of our country. We like to study a lot and always be aware of whatever is going on, so it all impacts on our sound. But now, since we get the chance to travel the world thanks to our music, we’re influenced by so many different cultures, but always working together with our own.

ASL365: Have you ever thought about trying out some other genres under different aliases?

CD: Actually that was how Cat Dealers started hahaha. Cat Dealers started as the alias, but it grew so fast that it became our priority.

ASL365: When you go to make a new track do you have a specific intent in terms of what genre you want to make or does it flow naturally through the process?

CD: It depends a lot on the track, but usually it just flows naturally. The genre is always something that we think about how it would fit in the context of our show.

ASL365: You’ve just released a new track called “Rewind” with MAKJ. What was it like working with him? Could you dive into the writing process and inspiration behind it?

CD: Working with MAKJ was really cool, he had great energy and our ideas for the song were all aligned. We liked the result a lot and we’re loving seeing how well it’s doing on the stream platforms, it hit more than a million plays in less than a month since its release. We’re also very excited for the music video of the song that just came out, we really liked it and we hope everybody will enjoy it too.

ASL365: It’s been a while since last we’ve heard anything from your label Cat House. Is there any news that we should know?

CD: Cat House is a special event for us; we like to get involved in its production and in everything related to it. But we were not completely satisfied; we wanted to deliver something more. So we want to rethink its structure and plan on a new version for Cat House maybe, but we definitely will bring it back, probably next year!

ASL365: Have there been any recent places or shows you played that have given you great inspiration?

CD: We’ve recently played in some summer festivals in Europe, which was a great experience. The festivals allowed us to experience a lot of different sounds because there are artists from all around the world, so it’s kind of a cultural mix. China also always inspires us, it is one of the countries that we play at the most and it’s so different from anything else. We like to walk the streets and get to know the culture of where we’re visiting every time we can.

ASL365: What’s next for Cat Dealers? Any new music in the works you can speak about?

CD: We’re currently working on some new tracks, there’s not much we can say about them though haha. But you definitely can expect some new things coming up. We just released a bunch of songs in a really small period of time, just in September we released four, and we’ve also been travelling a lot due to our tour, so now we’re taking some time to go back to the studio. Stay tuned on our social media, that’s where we share all our latest news.





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