Felix Jaehn & VIZE shares the collaboration process of their newest single ‘Thank You’, keeping up with fans on social media platforms, supporting self-love and the LGBTQ community.

Felix Jaehn & VIZE known for their dance/pop track highlighting important topics like mental health, self-love and supporting the LGBTQ community. The duos are here to share with AsiaLive365 the process of working on these tracks together and their newest single ‘Thank You’. Read below for the interview.

ASL365: Hello Felix Jaehn & VIZE. Can you each give us three words to describe yourself? 

FJV: Honest, ambitious, creative

ASL365: How long have you both known each other and how did this collaboration start?

FJV: We’ve been friends for a couple of years and we met during the production process of “Close Your Eyes“. We reconnected in Berlin. I sent VIZE the song and they loved it and an hour later they send back a baseline that I really loved. So we went to the studio the same day and we worked on the production together and made “Close Your Eyes“ and then we really vibe in the studio and worked on a couple of other tracks too – that’s when “Thank You (Not so Bad) Happened.”

ASL365: How did you approach making your new single ‘T
hank You‘? What was each person’s role in the studio? 

FJV: It was a really collaborate process. We were just together in the studio having fun and we recorded the vocals with Leonie who is singing on it. I feel like the baseline and everything is really VIZE driven…we added some piano in the second break to give it some organic Felix Jaehn feel as well.

ASL365: Out of all the music you have produced, which track are you each most proud of creating and why? 

FJV: Currently I think “Love On Myself” feat. Callum Scott. For me and it’s not just the production side, it’s also the songwriting, lyrics and story to be honest. It’s about self-love and for the LGBTQ-community. I feel like it’s a strong message.

ASL365: How do you constantly push yourself to progress and upgrade your production/DJ sets?

FJV: Just by listening to what’s new, what’s fresh, by staying up to date, by constantly learning and exploring options, by staying curious.

ASL365: Over the past 10 years, who are 3 producers you think have redefined the way DJs approach electronic music?

FJV: Definitely Avicii, Calvin Harris and I feel like more reasonably Meduza has been a big influence.

ASL365: Is there one particular gig that changed each of your lives?

FJV: Probably when I was 18. I was living in London. I opened up Ministry of Sound London. That was my first ever gig under the name of Felix Jaehn. I had a DJ project before with a couple of friends and one of my brothers, but this was the first time I actually use my real name to DJ. That is where it all started.

ASL365: Could you take us through a day in your life, from a possible morning routine through to your work? Do you have a fixed schedule? 

FJV: Every day is different but I try to keep my morning routine. I wake up, I drink water, I meditate, I work out, I eat. If I wake up late I don’t have breakfast, I just eat at noon and then I’m in airplane mode. So before that in the morning, I am completely offline and I am just with myself and I make sure my body and mind are set up right to start the day. Every day is completely different, no fixed schedule.
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ASL365: How often do you interact with your fans on social media?

FJV: Daily. Sometimes I have a day where I am just spending time with my family and friends and I am too lazy and I forget about my phone. But most of the time I am active every day. I tweet, I am on Instagram, I reply to comments, I do Q&As, I post stories. I love it and it’s so important to stay in touch!

ASL365: At the moment, who do you think is the most underrated DJ or producer?

FJV: Toby Romeo. He is an 19 years old DJ and Producer from Austria. He made a Remix for my Single with Alok and The Vamps called “All The Lies“. I love his sound. He is really cool. He is young, he has a lot of fresh energy and excitement around him. I feel like he is gonna be big soon!

ASL365: With this new single out, what are your plans for the remaining 10 months in 2020?

FJV: I am replying to this interview right now from LA. I am here to shoot a music video for another new single coming in March that I am super hyped about. 2020 will also be the year of my second album. I’m ready and excited for this year!
Thanks again, looking forward to a link when this goes live 🙂