Ken Takano gives us his ‘Antidote’ on music.

Takano tells AsiaLive365 more about his latest song ‘Antidote’, what it was like working with Patrick Moreno, and what his current and future plans are.

The Japanese artist, known for his electronic music, recently released his new single ‘Antidote’ just last month.
We at AsiaLive365 had a chance to ask him about this new song, as well as his current and future plans are as Ken Takano.

ASL365: It’s been 20 years since you started releasing music under the alias “pal@pop”, how did you become Ken Takano?

KT: I had been producing Japanese pop, but I discovered EDM artists such as Zedd, David Guetta, Skrillex in 2012 and was very impressed with their fresh sound so I started working on dance music seriously to make a global hit with that wonderful sound. At that time,I thought of a new name to make a fresh start. There were 3 options for new name: to keep using pal@pop, Kenichi(my real name) or Ken Takano. As pal@pop was difficult to read and Kenichi sounded a bit like Avicii, I decided to use Ken Takano, which was easy to say and the most likeable.

ASL365: How would you describe your new song “Antidote” in your own words, were there any musical inspirations that helped you along the way?

KT: It’s Future House, but is not a club-oriented track and is a pop vocal tune. Soundwise it’s influenced by Don Diablo, Zonderling, Dropgun and so on.

ASL365: How did you meet Patrick Moreno? What was it like working with him?

KT: It all started when Patrick sent me a message saying “Let’s collab!”on Facebook. I could tell he was a great songwriter immediately as every vocal track he sent to me had a great vocal sound and quality melody. Among all tracks, ‘Antidote’ clicked – “this is it! ” with catchy vocal and melody. As the vocal track had been already finished when I received it, I produced the track around the vocal.

ASL365: Tell us more about your production process, you have such a catchy and unique sound, how did you come up with it?

KT: Thanks. As I put effort into sound design most, I’m happy to hear my sound is unique. I always start making the tracks with the sound design of the lead synth. To make it unique, I often compare my sound with other tunes.

ASL365: Being the first Japanese release on Spinnin’Records Asia, what does it mean you?  What’s it been like to have the support of one of the biggest labels in the business behind you?

KT: One of my goals was to release a production on Spinnin’ Records, so the release has become the biggest highlight of my music career. As ‘Antidote’ is on the newly founded Spinnin’ Records Asia, I’m really proud of myself and feel responsible as a producer representing Asia. I’ll work hard to meet the expectation of the label. I have to think about myself as both an artist of Spinnin’ Records and an Asian artist from now on.
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ASL365: What do you love most about being artists and making music?

KT: For me, making music is like eating and sleeping. I always feel small lovely emotions, more like what I get when the food is tasty or I slept well, rather than straight ‘happy!’ or ‘Wow!’. I’m so happy to be able to keep producing music.

ASL365: How do you see the electronic music scene in Asia nowadays?

KT: More and more young Japanese producers today make Future House but it has not yet become a big movement with a decent scene. When top international DJs come to Japan, there are tens of thousands of people at the festival, but it’s still very difficult to gather a big crowd only with Japanese DJs. I guess the situation is similar in other Asian countries. It must be a big challenge for us to run a big festival only with Japanese or Asian artists in the future.

ASL365: Could you share a random fact about yourself with us?

KT: As my favorite food is Sushi, I’m thinking of doing Sushi promotional activities such as, claiming ‘Sushi ambassador’ or ‘Sushi-DJ’.

ASL365: What were some of your favorite highlights/memories of 2019, and why?

KT: Getting the approval from Spinnin’ Records for ‘Antidote’. As it took 4 months to finish ‘Antidote’, that was like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I felt really good and jumped for joy.

ASL365: Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years? Do you have any long-term goals right now?

KT: I want to be an artist who can please tens of thousands of people with my music. For that goal, I need to make hits. Also, I’d like to run a big Asian event with my fellow Japanese and Asian artists.
Check out ‘Antidote’ below:






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