Jimmy Clash shares how Calvin Harris, Tiesto and Hardwell have inspired his work.

Jimmy Clash shares his biggest inspirational DJs and world-touring experience including Asia in 2019!

The 24-year old forward thinker and Dutch producer first entered the dance community at the age of 13 and signed his very first track with Flashover Recordings which helped him expanded his career into a whole new realm.
 He had the opportunity to collaborate with acclaimed artists from the dance community including KURA, Tony Junior, Wolfpack and Ralvero. Top bangers like ‘Rowcraft’ on Amanda Music reached 4 million plays on Spotify, followed by his biggest hit ‘Brutal’.
AsiaLive365 is ecstatic to welcome Jimmy Clash on our interview session where he will be discussing his hands-on experience with DAW, his touring experience in 2019 including Asia and more! Read the interview below.

ASL365: Do you remember what first got you into wanting to create music?  

JC: The first time I installed a DAW (digital audio workstation) on my PC was at the age of 12. I always wanted to be creative and make something out of nothing. After a few years of practising making my own music I got asked by a promoter of a local club to perform at his event. So, I bought a little DJ set, and started figuring everything out. Because of my knowledge of producing and knowing about arrangements of dance songs I god the hang of DJ’ing in no-time. At that time (November 2010) I was producing and playing house music with Latin influences. I always get a smile on my face when I listen back to my old songs. 

ASL365: If you could name three artists who have influenced you the most throughout your career so far, who would they be?

JC: There are a lot of artists I can name, but Calvin Harris stands out the most for me. The combination of radio songs and club tracks he has been releasing is very inspirational for me. Also, the disco/funk influences he is using in his songs are very inspiring. In the future I aspire to work like this as well; releasing accessible songs for the bigger audience, while producing hot club records for my DJ sets. Other names that got me into dance music must be Hardwell and Tiesto, they inspired me a lot throughout the years.

ASL365: You have been dropping a lot of tracks on some big labels such as Armada, Revealed, Spinnin’ Records, Musical Freedom & more. What’s it been like to have the support of these labels in the business behind you?

JC: It’s always a huge sign of appreciation if the biggest record labels in the EDM scene want to release your music. On some projects I’ve worked 30-40 hours, so it’s amazing when those songs end up on a massive record label. Record labels I’ve always aspired to release on, and now it’s all possible. That proves that hard work always pays off.

ASL365: Which labels are your “go-tos” when it comes to finding fresh music for sets?

JC: Before going on tour I always go through a few things when it comes to new music. Producers can send me promo’s on my promo e-mail. I listen to everything and sometimes I even give feedback, so they can improve their songs. I also check the latest Beatport charts in search of fresh music. There’s no specific ”go-to” label for me. There will always be hidden gems on smaller labels, it’s an art to find them. The more ”unknown” music you play, the more exclusive your live set will be.
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ASL365: After a year of touring across the world in 2019, what were some of your highlights? What’s your favorite part about touring?

JC: I had a lot of highlights in 2019, moments I like to look back on. Ultra Europe is one of them. This show was really one for the books. It was Sunday, the last day of Ultra, so people came a little bit later. We (My MC and I) started our set with a small crowd, but in no-time, the whole place was packed with hundreds of people. After a while, It was so packed we did a sitdown with the entire field, started a mosh pit, and did a lot of other crazy stuff. Definitely one of the best crowds I’ve ever experienced in my career. I’m looking forward to next year already! 

ASL365: You’ve played many shows in countries like Japan and China. What’s the difference between performing in Asia and Europe? 

JC: I’ve been touring in Asia many times. I’ve performed in countries like China, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Myanmar, South Korea and more. The hospitality in these countries is incredible. In Europe there’s also good hospitality, but Asia is just next level as what I have experienced until now. Also, my fans there are very loyal and supportive. It’s always a pleasure to perform in Asia. Looking forward to my next Asia tour.

ASL365: How have you seen the electronic scene evolve over the last decade?

JC: It has been an impressive journey, I experienced a lot, such as the rise of the EDM scene. In my opinion today’s scene is the best scene there is. Many subgenres, endless creativity. I’m happy with the direction the EDM scene went and is going. 
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ASL365: What are you excited about in the dance/electronic music community right now?
JC: The electronic music scene is still going very strong. I even think the scene is in it’s best period currently. There are many subgenres going on, which means a lot of creativity. There are no rules, no boundaries. Anything is possible in today’s electronic music scene. Right now I’m also working on innovating music. Being creative, turning the new ideas in my head into reality is what I live for.
Next month there’s a new song coming together with Maarten Vorwerk and Da Knightshiftah on Blasterjaxx’s imprint Maxximize Records. This is an example of an innovating song. Very excited for the release

ASL365: Outside of producing music, what do you like to do?

JC: I’m the proud owner of a dog. I go outside three-four times a day to walk with him. After some studio hours this will help to clear my mind and get fresh ears. When I come back, I know exactly what to do in the project. A great tip for producers who are dealing with a writer’s block every now and then. 

ASL365: Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?

JC: To be honest not really. I keep doing what I love the most; produce music and make people happy with it. If I’m playing somewhere in the world and see people sing along to my own song, that’s the reason I’m doing all this. That keeps me motivated and driven.





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