Luke Pretty, better known as Tennyson, has released his third single from his forthcoming debut record Rot.

‘Feelwitchu’ features glitched out beats and broken drum fills, its lyricism dealing with emotions felt during a breakup.

The new three-minute track follows lead single ‘Iron’ and melancholic follow-up ‘Slow Dance’.

Rot is a musical diary of a brain gone sideways, with Tennyson describing is as “the soundtrack of a young artist on the brink of his own disaster.”

The album was written during a period of distress brought forth by a hearing condition via mold exposure.

Tennyson recalls,

“I was working on these tiny little speakers and making what I thought was garbage. It sounded like what I went through.”

He continues,

“I’m starting to get more of a sense of what my skill set is. Somehow, I’ve gotten a pretty strong handle on controlling sound in a very specific way. I don’t think it’s genius or sparks or something. I think I’m just looking at the right things by luck.”

Rot is scheduled for release on Feb. 18 via Counter Records. The album arrives three years after his critically-lauded EPs Different Water and Telescope in 2019.

A prominent figure in the indie electronic scene, he has headline multiple shows across Southeast Asia including Singapore, Bangkok, and Kuala Lumpur.

Photo credit: Scott Pilgrim