Laidback Luke and Unity shares their experience working together on their newest track!

After multiple years of producing eclectic range of musical style from legendries like Green Velvet and Moodymann and having track licensed by Carl Cox for his compilations, Laidback Luke conquered the underground and by 2003 he was remixing the likes of Daft Punk. On top of that, the Dutch DJ performed at numerous dance stages around the world from Ultra Music Festival, Tomorrowland Brasil and Creamfields to name just a few!
Laidback Luke and Unity have decided to release a brand new track together under the name “Make That Thang Go”. We are lucky enough to have the opportunity to chat with both of these guys and they are here to share their experience in collaborating together. Check out what they both have to say!

ASL365: We know that you and Unity collaborated on a new track recently. Can you tell us a little about it?  And what was it like working with him?

LL: It was very easy, smooth and seamless! Sometimes collaborations and finishing collaborations can be a long process. With Unity and his team it wasn’t! They came through with a solid demo and I got inspired instantly. I added my own elements and took the track to another level and they were happy with it!

ASL365: What was your most memorable in-studio moment while producing this track with Unity? Is there any possibility you and him could perform this song together anytime soon?

LL: I would love to perform with him! My most memorable in-studio moment with the track was studying the Baseline stem they sent me! That Baseline in our track is something else!

ASL365: You have performed in China many times and signed a Chinese producer, what do you think of China’s electronic music scene

LL: It’s been a while since I’ve been to China! From what I hear from fellow DJs is that the market has very much matured. When I first heard Unity play, he was playing more the Trap side of things. I’ve been happy to learn that House has been growing in China.

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ASL365: When did you realize you were going to start a record labelWhat is your main standard for signing artists?

LL: This was during my days teaching young producers how to produce. At a certain point, their demos got really good and usually they would sign somewhere else. I figured I could give them a proper chance if I started my own record label. My main standard for signing artists is that the tracks need to be incredible, but on top of that, the artist needs to be easy to work with and their work ethic should almost match mine. The standard is high!

ASL365: You have uploaded a ton of free production tutorials on Youtube. This is really amazing! How do you usually pick topics? And what do you expect people to learn from your videos?

LL: How I pick topics can vary. It can be a request I get in on social media or something I catch in the comments. It could also be about something that has been surfacing in the weeks before. For me, it’s all about sharing my 20+ years of experience. For some reason, I naturally teach people and I love seeing people grow!

ASL365: Is there anything special you have coming up for the fans?

LL: Yes! We are rounding off the year with our 15 Years of Mixmash Remix Album. It’s a celebration of 15 years of Mixmash. I can’t believe how time has flown by like that. This album will have my classics poured into a new jacket. Over the year we have teased these remixes in my sets and the album is finally coming out!

ASL365: Congratulations on your new release with Laidback Luke. What inspired you to create this track?

Unity: Since signing with Mixmash, It’s always been a goal of mine to do a collaboration with the big boss. I told myself I wasn’t going to rush and finally I believed that I had the right track and sent it over to Luke. I’m so glad he liked it and agreed to do the collab.

ASL365: It’s been a long time since you got signed by Mixmash Records in 2017, so how is it working with such a major label? What does it mean to you?

Unity: It’s been an amazing experience thus far working with such a powerhouse like Mixmash Records. They’ve helped me grow not only as a DJ/Producer but also as a person. I can’t thank them enough for helping and guiding me throughout these past few years.

ASL365: As a DJ/Producer with rich experience, do you have any suggestions for other Chinese DJs and producers?

Unity: Explore, discover, and try more. I’ve met many talented DJ/producers in China. Many are too tied up to the “safety zone” because that’s what the market accepts. We need to innovate more so that people can see the possibilities. I think if you do what you like, and you do it well, people will follow. Don’t always look at it the other way around trying to satisfy what they want. We are the pioneers.

ASL365: What’s the biggest challenges you faced during the competition 《即刻音》?  What did this experience bring to you

Unity: I think the biggest challenge is working on tracks under a very limited time. I didn’t prepare much before entering the competition and sometimes I find myself working to come up with 2-3 tracks within a week.

ASL365: What’s the next step for you as a producer and DJ? 

Unity: I’m always trying to improve and refine my craft as a producer and DJ. I believe the next step is to continue on studying and learning from the greats such as Laidback Luke, and the whole Mixmash Family. They’ve always been great and supportive throughout my whole career.
Check out their newest track below.